Testosterone and keto


Free is bio avail.
Seems pretty good number though considering being on Keto. How long you been on keto?
Here are the reference ranges for males

Males (adult):

20 - <25 years: 5.25-20.7 ng/dL

25 - <30 years: 5.05-19.8 ng/dL

30 - <35 years: 4.85-19.0 ng/dL

35 - <40 years: 4.65-18.1 ng/dL

40 - <45 years: 4.46-17.1 ng/dL

45 - <50 years: 4.26-16.4 ng/dL

50 - <55 years: 4.06-15.6 ng/dL

55 - <60 years: 3.87-14.7 ng/dL

60 - <65 years: 3.67-13.9 ng/dL

65 - <70 years: 3.47-13.0 ng/dL

70 - <75 years: 3.28-12.2 ng/dL

75 - <80 years: 3.08-11.3 ng/dL

80 - <85 years: 2.88-10.5 ng/dL

85 - <90 years: 2.69-9.61 ng/dL

90 - <95 years: 2.49-8.76 ng/dL

95-100+ years: 2.29-7.91 ng/dL

(Brian) #22

I seem to recall Dr Joel Wallach mentioning boron deficiency a few decades ago. I don’t recall if he actually mentioned T but the implication was clear. That was way before most of us ever even dreamed of keto.

(Dom DePlume) #23

It’s my understanding -via- my endocrinologist, that “free” and bio-av are different measurements.

(Dom DePlume) #24

Strict keto for 9mo. On and off low-carb for three years, with a 4 year stint back in the 90’s. When I was vegan/veg for 7 years back in 2002-9, my T tanked (295-ish). Keto’s definitely helping me heal…


Sweet. How do you feel when back on carbs?


Either bioavailable (TTBS / Testosterone, Total and Bioavailable, Serum) or free (TGRP / Testosterone Total and Free, Serum) testosterone should be used as supplemental tests to total testosterone in the above situations. The correlation coefficient between bioavailable and free testosterone (by equilibrium dialysis) is 0.9606. However, bioavailable testosterone is usually the preferred test, as it more closely reflects total bioactive testosterone, particularly in older men. Older men not only have elevated SHBG levels, but albumin levels also may vary due to coexisting illnesses.

Technically he’s right.But I mean…

(Dom DePlume) #27

I just did a carb refeed test, and it was a so-so experience. First day after was good. The three that followed…were decidedly not.


In for details.

(Dom DePlume) #29

I did a 24-ish-hr carb re-feed because of mood/depression, hoping to kick my metabolism in the pants a bit, and just feeling burned-out food-wise. I had some lower-carb whole wheat pasta one night, and had a decent–but reasonable–amount of sushi the following day. That bit went well. I felt my mood lift, and it got me over that hump. The following few days, while my mood was good, I was definitely retaining a considerable amount of fluid (by my scale, about 4lbs worth), and I most certainly was feeling more by way of inflammation. I blood-checked a number of times, and only once did I ever “fall out of ketosis”–.4mmol/L (every other time I tested myself, I was still .8mmol or better). 4 days or so afterwards, I was back to my pre- re-feed weight. I’ll say that it was a good thing over-all, at least in an experimental light.

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118 ng/dl) is a respectable increase, but could be higher