Terrible advice is everywhere!

(AnnaLeeThal) #1

This popped up on my fertility app. Um, hell to the no.
Pass the bacon please!

(Lauren) #2


(Amanda Jones) #3

Makes me sad for all the mommas and babies who suffer from this terrible advice! :disappointed:

(AnnaLeeThal) #4

Yes, especially the PCOS ladies who are harmed and who’s fertility is impacted by taking this kind of advice.

(Connor L) #5

My family is very supportive of my keto lifestyle… but, they don’t show much interest in it themselves.

They eat Wheat Bread because it’s “healthier”… should I be switching them to another bread? That will maybe help… alittle? at all??!

(Richard Morris) #6

Insulin doesn’t cross the placental barrier so mum driving up circulating glucose is putting a load on the fetal pancreas. That may be why incidents of type 2 diabetes are happening at younger ages.


(Guardian of the bacon) #7

If “healthier” is truly a goal…eat no bread…show them the science.

(I like to post memes!) #8

@richard Always a source of good science!! :hat:

(Marcus) #9

Supportive? Don’t you mean… “tolerant”…
Bacon is the new bread.

(Tom) #10

Whole grain cocaine is better than overly processed white cocaine when trying to conceive.

(Amanda Jones) #11

@acrunchyfrog :joy: