Term life insurance?

(Todd Chester) #1

Hi All,

Anyone know of a term life insurance company(ies) that is friendly to T2 Diabetics that control without drugs using Keto/primal?

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(Scott) #2

Best bet is to manage your blood sugars so your A1c is in the normal range. I think you can tweak your Cholesterol numbers by doing the “Feldman protocall” too. Once you feel ready to go you can apply to a company like Select Quote in the US and they will shop multiple companies for the best price. I have been guilty of this when I want a free blood test.

(Todd Chester) #3

Hi Scott,

That you for the tips!

In the mean time, I found this: https://www.leaplife.com/the-3-best-life-insurance-options-for-diabetics

I will definitely look into the “Feldman protocol”. It annoys the snot out of me that insurance companies still test for blood serum cholesterol as there are no autopsy studies that show any correlation between blood serum cholesterol and atherosclerosis (can we say “Fraud”?). At least the allopathic community is slowly discarding this nonsense. I just wish the insurance companies would catch up too.

The last time I did and A1c was about seven years ago. I did a fructosamine test too at the same time. I don’t remember what the numbers were but they were okay. I do remember that the fructosamine and A1c were in “discordance”, meaning they could not convert accurately to each other. Which does make sense as the A1c test is extremely sloppy at plus minus 50% accuracy. Fructosamine is far more accurate. I take my morning fasting blood glucose every morning.

Guess I am about to find out what my A1c and cholesterol are!



Hi! I think that no insurance company will refuse you insurance, but it all depends on what conditions you want to get. I recommend you read about the changes in Medicare Supplement Plans in Mississippi 2023, which may be useful for you. I also want to say that you should not hide your diabetes, as this may cause you to be accused of fraud. Be honest, and then you can get honest answers from insurance companies. But you need to understand that the chances of favorable conditions are extremely small for you. Good luck to you!