Temporary Keto?

(Jason Webb) #1

Ok so the wife’s thinking about giving it a go, but her intentions are to “do it for a month” until she hits her ideal weight. She wants to drop around 15 lbs or so.

I KNOW, this is a WOE and not a diet. I’m on 6 months strong and will never turn back. What I’m interested in is opinions, thoughts and experiences with going in to just lose the weight and going back on carbs once you reach/exceed your goal.

What I’m hoping for is that she gets going, gets that keto rush and doesn’t look back :wink:


I’ve never been about weight, rather a multitude of heart and anxiety issues. All of which have been subdued on this diet.

I’ll never turn back. To me, this isn’t a “diet”. (For what it’s worth)


Address the root cause…why does she want to do it for only one month? What’s the concern?

(Guardian of the bacon) #4

Ok…she gained the extra 15 from the diet she plans to return to after toying with keto?

Does this make logical sense?

(Sarah Elam) #5

Let her do it her way. My guess is she will put those 15 back on. Let her figure it out on her own time.

(Jason Webb) #6

She definitely enjoys her carby treats. The only thing that has her even interested is the success I’ve been having.

(Jason Webb) #7

These are my thoughts as well.

(Kerri Hines) #8

That sounds like reluctance to never have certain foods again. That’s totally a mental thing of course.
Just wait til she loses the weight and then eats something off plan. She will see what that food is truly capable of when she’s not feeling so great and the scale jumps up.
I would probably just not tell her it’s just water weight… lol

(Richard Morris) #9

I think it’s a worthwhile experiment for her to try what you are doing. Worst case she’ll understand a little more about what you are doing. Best case, she gets to the point where it feels great before she stops (for me that was 6 weeks but we’re all different) and decides not to stop.

Just give her the heads up that the water weight you lose in the first week is like a signing bonus that you have to give back when you go off - but the weight loss after that you get to keep.


She should go for it! She could very well end up a convert. :slight_smile:

(Jessica K) #11

I think it’s worthwhile to support her in this for a ton of reasons not the least of which is the she will now understand what YOU are doing better than she ever has. She may not be a convert, she may be but at least she is giving it a shot. You should let her do it in her way.


I would take advantage of her willingness and try to find Keto versions/substitutes for her favorite SAD munchies. Perhaps once she sees and feels the results of Keto and realizes this WOE has enough delicious options to keep ANYONE happy, she will stick with it!

(Karen Parrott) #13

If she’s yo-yo dieted for a long time, she’ll return quick to keto. I got so sick of yo-yo dieting after 40 years I really did not want to see my fat pants ever again. :tired_face:

One thing I did was to get hooked on going to bed feeling well and waking up feeling better. The more she gets hooked on positive outcomes beyond weight loss ( better sleep, more strength, fewer headaches, better time of the month/ menopause) , the more likely she will stick with it

If she’s got food addiction or carb addiction, then it could take longer or be more likely to chase carb endorphins and go back to the SAD.
Good luck & I wish you both the best.


A month is not bad but try and get her to sign up for 2. She is much more likely to get fat adapted and feel the buzz then and not want to go back. Or at least if she does go back she will see the negatives of non keto pretty fast and want to return to keto. TBH, I would take anything she is willing to try in the hope that she will get converted in the process.

(Joel Abdul) #15

That’s sounds like how I started…Then the incredible results! Hell yeah…All in on the month go :+1:

(Polly Bennett) #16

Sadly, if she does keto for a month, loses the weight and goes back to a SAD, she will regain the weight (plus a few extra pounds) in about the same amount of time. Ketogenics is a lifestyle, not a weight loss fad.

(Allan Misner) #17

I do keto cycling myself. I do it for a few reasons:

  1. To drop some body fat
  2. To practice discipline (zombie apocalypse)
  3. I believe my ancestors went through periods of feast and famine (health benefits)

One thing she’ll need to understand is that an immediate loss of water weight is likely. But when she goes back on carbs, that weight will come just as quickly as it went.


I agree with you but I wouldn’t be putting that on her now. Encouraging her and getting her started with whatever motivation and goal she has is the most important thing. Let keto sell itself rather than making it sound too militant. Saying you have to look at this as a permanent woe rather than a diet to try is too much for some people. I know this from personal experience and putting a friend off by selling it that way! She only wanted to try for 2 weeks which wasn’t really long enough. Planning a month is great and encouraging and gently pushing for 2 may just get her hooked for life. Sometimes you have to be a little sneaky!

(Haley Kathryn) #19

I think what you need to do is ask her “what are three meals that you can’t live without on keto.” And then do your best to find a keto equivalent.

For me it was bagels and pizza, then I found a keto recipe for both that tasted just as good to me. Still need to try the keto sushi recipe I saved :stuck_out_tongue:

(Polly Bennett) #20

Good thinking, Daisy. Thanks for mentioning that, as I hadn’t looked at it
that way.


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