Tea vs coffee on carnivore

(Bob) #21

I just wanted to add that I used to be a pot per day drinker. I would start off with a couple cups of coffee in the morning, then pour the rest in a thermos and nurse that thing all day.

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. But in 2019 I decided to give up coffee and the condition went away. I have been off meds with no symptoms and a normal looking large colon for 4 solid years now.

I did switch to hot tea, and it does not bother me at all. Of course, I only have one tea bag, maybe two on the weekends, and that’s it. It’s no wear near the volume of coffee I had been drinking before.

(Myth Buster ) #22

I was wrongfuly accused and went to jail for 45 days, then released when I was proven innocent.

I quit tea and coffee during this time. I felt great and calm and my diverticulosis way better and less painfull.

What is tricky about coffee is just like any other drug, it makes us feel good and the response is very close time wise to the stimulus. But maybe people are different in how they react to coffee.


People are surely different regarding the effect of coffee, same for caffeine. One can’t be awake without coffee, some rare people can’t sleep without coffee :smiley: And people like me feel the same either way.
I find the taste funny, the coffee sometimes comforting, it’s a tasty (with cream) warm liquid and I like tasty warm liquids… It doesn’t make me good though. Or more awake. Or less. And it’s often disappointing nowadays, I don’t feel I like coffee, I just get tempted too much. Sometimes it happens to some of us: we like the idea, the imagined feeling… And then we may get disappointed and we don’t necessarily learn from it - especially if sometimes it tastes so nice… Just not always.

Some people seem to be immune to caffeine, I mean they don’t notice anything, surely their body does something with it somehow so maybe it’s not nothing but they don’t feel it.
I only have this with coffee and tea, I do get stimulated by energy drinks and Coke and its all emulations, I rarely ever drank them but when it was the choice between sleeping on my bike in the motorway in summer (super boring and I learned to escape hot temperature through sleeping, horrible combo and I had not many options to fight it) and drinking the stuff just the 1-2 times I needed it…

This immunity have disadvantages, I have little motivation not to drink coffee late at night (I usually stop around 7-8pm but 2am happened). The same with tea but I have no problem with that, it’s way more innocent than coffee (I don’t mean health wise, I don’t consider coffee particularly bad either, it’s my relationship with it. it costs money too. tea as well but not as much and it feels it is worth it more).