Talking to myself

(Robin) #1

I often respond to folks on here who are frustrated with a stall or weight gain, and I tell them to forget the scales. They mess with your head and annihilate your enthusiasm. I say, go by the way you feel, the way your clothes fit.
So… today, after a month of nice slow loss, I jumped on the scale. (Well, I did not jump. I always step on OH. SO. GINGERLY.) And… you guessed it. I had gained 5 pounds! After I had just celebrated my new skinny jeans and the return of my smaller wardrobe. And I was immediately plunged into the depths of keto despair. So, I am writing this post to myself. Dear Robin, you goofball! Ditch the scales. You got this!

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #2

I once got on the scale to find that I weighed about thirty pounds more than I had the previous day. No change whatsoever with the fit of my clothes, so to this day I am still not clear if that was a real increase or not. What I do know is that it took several weeks for the scale number to decline to my previous reading. Go figure!

(Christopher) #3

The scale is a tough one. I guess I try to use it as a guide but not the only way to determine success or failure. It is really, really hard. Don’t give up and love your body!

(Robin) #4

THIRTY POUNDS! Holy heck! I would have called suicide prevention hotline, LOL, not really. But… I would have called Ghost Busters. Obviously there was some paranormal shenanigans at work there.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #5

The scale is only one of several useful tools. The others are a tape measure, calipers and one or both of these calculators:


(Robin) #6

You’re right! And I DO love my body. Not naked, mind you. But in cute clothes.

(Susan) #7

Hahaha – this made me laugh =). I needed a giggle today so thanks. As long as you know you are on track and not cheating, Robin, it is all good =). A bit of weight gain can be caused by several factors --for women -the wrong time of the month, by example. I also have found if you haven’t had a proper bathroom visit in a bit that can be affected, or you can just be retaining some fluid, etc --just relax and Keto on =).

(Bob M) #8

My wife (a while back) started buying me “thin legged” (straight/slim/skinny) jeans. I tried one of these the other day – and I could no longer get my legs into them. They got half way up my thighs, and no more would they move.

That’s how much muscle mass I’ve gained in my legs.

Which I guess is good. Though I was looking “thin” in those jeans.

Just need a DEXA scan, to verify. But they are too expensive here.

(Susan) #9

@robintemplin --Robin! I just read on another thread that you do 1 hour of rowing a day; which is awesome by the way, but this might totally relate to why you have gained that 5 pounds as well --it is probably muscle!

This related to why @ctviggen Bob’s skinny jeans (that his wife so thoughtfully bought him) no longer fit.

Both of your bodies are healthy Keto machines =).

(Rebecca ) #10

I finally broke away from my "need " to weigh daily…it is so liberating!! I agree with using the fit of clothes and how I feel as good ways to measure how I am doing.

(Scott) #11

A scale is just data points to me. I weigh daily when I wake and my Wi Fi scale graphs it for me. It is the trends that interest me and the trend has been up. With a two pound loss this morning I like my scale…today.

(KCKO, KCFO) #12

I have had a similar thing happen. I just KCKO. No change in clothes fitting indicated it was some bloat going on, sure enough, I was a lb. lower than the bounce up after about 36 hrs.

(Robin) #13

I hadn’t thought of that! I have gained some muscles, although I do not row like a fiend, I just row with the flow. And guess what, my clothes are still looser yet. So to heck (Heck? Wow, good impulse control, Robin!) to heck with the scales. Although I did peek today and those feisty 5 have left the building. Another reminder that scales are dumb. My body is smart.
BTW… I started the rowing because I have severe degenerative arthritis in both knees. So rowing was suggested to keep my joints moving. And I have seen dramatic results in flexibility of my joints. Really dramatic. I can squat now. (Hah! What a funny statement, I can squat now.)

(Susan) #14

This is so true, Robin. I love this; more of us have to remember this! I am so happy for you that your clothes are looser and that this exercise you are doing is helping your flexibility and

this is awesome! Such progress, not funny but wonderful!

Keep up the great work =).

(Robin) #15

Thanks for the encouragement. You are a regular that I check in with. This forum has been such a kind and supportive resource. We are surrounded by nice folks.

(Susan) #16

I totally agree. I love this forum and all of the encouragement and support that I have received since joining has certainly been a big factor in my own Keto journey/success as well =).


Have you checked the prices in a while? I typically do Bod-Pod since it’s half the cost and still really accurate but I checked a couple weeks ago and it seems imaging centers and others that have them are feeling the COVID pain! There’s a gym (about an hour away from me) that’s doing a combo DEXA and RMR testing for $130!

(Tracy) #18

I’m not always popular with my methods or opinions but I’m the complete opposite. I weigh myself every morning and I feel like it’s a way to keep me on track. There were many years I refused to weigh myself and it was much easier to stick my head in the sand. If I see I’ve gained a few pounds, I start analyzing what I’ve been eating and I might think about doing a fast to get me back on track. I know how 5 pounds can turn to 10 and so on. BUT, I say if a person thrives on avoiding the scale, then avoid it. I have no room to talk because I am terrified of blood work and avoid it when possible. I also have a CAC phobia. I’m afraid it will be my death clock and will do me no good to know what I can’t change.

(Laurie) #19

@kyarn What is CAC? Thanks.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #20

Coronary Arterial Calcification scan.

It’s a good indicator of cardiac damage and heart attack risk. A rising score indicates a high short-term risk. A stable or declining score indicates minimal risk. Many people with high cholesterol nevertheless have no or little in the way of calcification, but sometimes people with low cholesterol have a lot of calcification and it’s getting wors.