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I would love am easy way to include tables in our posted. I can easily use HTML to do this, and am learning some of the short methods, but it’s not easy to do on my phone. It would also help make posts with data (that should be in a table) easy to read.


Not sure if this is what you’re asking, but…

It appears to use the same markup as Reddit. For example, the first few lines of a table I had created on Atkins frozen entrees:

Calories Net Carbs Fat Protein Description
260 6 18 16 Atkins Beef Teriyaki Stir-Fry, 8 oz
310 7 18 25 Atkins Beef Fiesta Taco Bowl, 8.5 oz

…which was:

Calories|Net Carbs|Fat|Protein|Description
260|6|18|16|Atkins Beef Teriyaki Stir-Fry, 8 oz
310|7|18|25|Atkins Beef Fiesta Taco Bowl, 8.5 oz

But this is a table created with regular HTML markup:

1 1

…which was:

<table border=1>

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I believe that Discourse accepts both HTML and Markdown (your first example). If you ask Discobot to take you through the advanced user course, you will at some point be directed to the Markdown site for further instruction. That’s where the information about constructing tables comes from. In your Markdown example, the colons are not required in Discourse, though I admit that aligning the columns right or left can be useful.

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Hot damn, that’s useful! Usually I end up making it in a spreadsheet and then just screenshotting it (I love love love how this software handles image insertion and sizing!!) but reddit markdown (because html takes longer, though I do it in my sleep after 24 years of writing it) is the bomb for on the fly stuff. Thanks!!

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I can do tables myself, but I thought it might be easier for other users :slightly_smiling_face:


I have EXCEL macros that convert a range into a table in varying formats – one in HTML, one in The Motley Fool format, two in Reddit formats…

The HTML one just handles the basics – background and foreground colors, bold, number and date formats, and horizontal and vertical alignments. They cover most of my needs.

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It’s just annoying sometimes when I’m on my phone.