Swerve - what do you guys think?


Once you go into my keto your taste will change and so will your appetite.

You can carefully have a glass or two of wine or similar drinks.

But for the first few weeks lay off the turps and make sure you settle into keto properly.

Also realise if you knock yourself out of keto it takes a few days to get back in. So if you plan to have a quiet drink or 6 on Friday you may not get back into keto until Wednesday the following week.

There are plenty of people on keto who drink without getting smashed.

Sorry I don’t have any artificial sweetener the thought of chemicals scares the hell out of me. I do have a 90% dark chocolate bar lying around somewhere …

(Brian) #22

Swerve is one tool in my keto sweets arsenal. I also use Pyure (blend of erythritol and stevia) and liquid stevia. They have variations in flavors and I like some things in certain uses better than others.

There are some other sweeteners that I would like to try when I get a chance which I haven’t yet… Monk fruit based sweeteners, Bochasweet, and allulose.

I’ve been at this for about a year and a half and I do quite a bit of baking so as you can tell, there isn’t a sense of significant urgency on my part. Mostly, what I’ve used is what I can easily find in a grocery store near me. But they work pretty well for me without any significant issues.

Everybody is different, though. What tastes good to me, someone else might hate and what I can’t stand, someone else might really like. Also, what one person has like zero reaction to with their blood glucose might see another person having a more significant reaction. Gotta try them out and see for yourself. We just aren’t all the same in either taste or reaction.

Good luck!