Sweetener = Sugar response?

(Brian) #21

I can’t say I make mine like dessert, but I like some sweetness there. I have, on occasion, just made my coffee my meal. I use the immersion blender and put in some butter and cream and whip it up good till there is a nice head on it. :slight_smile:

(Geoffrey) #22

I get it. That’s how I feel about my bulletproof tea in the morning only it doesn’t have and sweeteners in it but it is so satisfying.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #23

As from yesterday I’ve joined you. Only as an experiment though. I can see where all this is going mind you.
I cut out the drinking.
I cut out the smoking.
I cut out the carbs.
I cut out the Cruciferous veg.
The sweetener is going and eventually I will have water, beef, bacon, butter and eggs lol


No, it’s not overboard at all, rather very sensible :slight_smile: I always had the opinion that if someone can avoid sweeteners easily, they should. They hardly have any positive effect if one just doesn’t need or particularly enjoy them…

It took me some time but now I can live without sweeteners, at least for a while. But as things go, this period can stretch longer and longer… I still have my desserts, I still have my sweet items… I had coffee with cream today, great dessert and it was so sweet that I really wouldn’t like it any sweeter. Cream is perfectly sweet (for someone who likes sweet things, probably some people consider it too sweet. I don’t sweeten my coffee, I don’t want it sweet but this sweetness suits a creamy coffee) :wink:

(Troy John) #25

What about monk fruit without added sweeteners?

(Geoffrey) #26

I find your progress and choices admirable. For me to absolve myself of things that are harmful or of no benefit to me is very freeing. It’s like one more link of a heavy chain removed. One more burden gone.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #27

Thanks Geezy

Exactly that. And I could bear that heavy chain at one time. Getting older and we need to lighten the load.

(Venus) #28

I have been trying to grow my own Stevia from seed for a few months now. I have a teeny-tiny sprout that doesn’t seem to grow. If you have any thoughts on it I would be very appreciative.

(Venus) #29

I’m not sure the FDA cares a whit about anything if they aren’t receiving $$ from it.

(Venus) #30

Sucralose is known to have some serious side effects.

(KM) #31

I did purchase mine as a small start, I didn’t grow it from seed. Didn’t do anything special, just grew it outside in a container in full sun and kept it well watered. The leaves will get a bit of bitter undertaste when the plant gets large or blooms, so its good to pick leaves and shoots while it’s young and not let it flower (although obviously you don’t want to pick off anything while it’s still a tiny little thing.)

(Robin) #32

Welcome! I’ll be interested to hear what advice you find.

(Cathy) #33

I don’t know the person’s Dr. Axe but the science around artificial sweeteners is notoriously bad. Having a quick look at the link posted, I see it is nothing new on that front and again, seriously flawed. I don’t have the energy to explain how flawed it is. But should be obvious if one cares to look.

Sucralose in it’s unbulked form is just fine and a good alternative if a person cares about not consuming the added carbs from those bulking agents.

I have been using sucralose pretty much since 2000 and have yet developed diabetes, my preexisting IBS is gone, and any symptoms of leaking gut along with it, and toxic compounds … sounds bizarre. Lastly, I have lost close to 100 lbs. all the while consuming sucralose. So I respectfully disagree with Dr. Axe.

(GINA ) #34

I wore a CGM for a few weeks to test my responses to things. A variety of artificial sweeteners made absolutely zero difference to my blood sugar. So they didn’t raise it, and also didn’t cause an insulin response or it would have dropped.

(Kinnessa ) #35

Absolutely, I can shed some light! Sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame are sugar substitutes. Your body does anticipate sugar with sweet tastes, but these sweeteners are low or calorie-free. They generally don’t trigger a significant insulin response as sugar would. Your daily sweet treat might not be the main factor for that 3kg, though; it’s more about the overall balance of calories in and out ( more u can read here https://betterme.world/articles/sucralose-vs-aspartame/ ). Consider looking at your overall diet and activity level for effective weight managemen


I lost 130 pounds paying zero attention to calories and consuming more than plenty in the form of fat. I don’t exercise except for short, leisurely strolls.


Great question. Yes, there is some truth to your oversimplification. Most sweeteners contain some dextrose, which has a small amount of calories and thus can cause the release of insulin from the pancreas. Also because of its sweet taste, it is mistaken for glucose. The amount of response would depend on the individual and the amount consumed. I gave up all sweeteners after starting keto. I figured if I was going to be successful, then the sweet taste would have to be avoided at all costs, or at the very least put on hold for the time being.