Support from parents (positive)

(Carol E. ) #1

I have lost about 15 more pounds since I saw my family in October (total of 50 since May).

My folks are 76 years old. My mom kept asking me what I could or could not have. My dad would frequently ask me what can I have from X place if we were going out. When around others my mom would offer what I couldn’t have (on my behalf, lol).

I took them to the movies and they were surprised when I said no to the popcorn. Afterwards, my mom asked what could I bring to a movie if I wanted a snack.

Expressions of support take many forms :blush:.

(Cindy) #2

Good for your parents! My Mom is very supportive as well. When I’m at her house, she plans meals around what I can have. When she makes something that I can’t have (allergies) or don’t eat, she feels guilty.

Christmas dinner was entirely keto except for the sweet potato casserole made for my nephew since it’s been a staple his entire life.

(Carol E. ) #3

I do a lot of cooking when I’m home. I get asked “what’s in it” and if it’s off the beaten path for then I won’t reveal until after the first taste.

I passed of caulitators as mashed potatoes. My mom volunteered that they were mashed potatoes when Dad asked what it was. I confessed that it was cauliflower after he said it tasted good. They crack me up sometimes.

I made a chicken zucchini casserole that was a big hit.

(Scott Shillady) #4


It’s great having parents that support you. My mom has moved into a retirement home, but she makes sure she always has some quality cheddar for me to snack on, and for thanksgiving, We celebrated as a family together in a private dining room and made sure they had prime rib and green beans for me.


I just love this! :slight_smile: My folks are super supportive too and my mom has even joined me doing keto. It makes family gatherings super easy since we’re the ones that usually cook everything!

We’re all very lucky since I read posts from other folks who don’t get this kind of support from their families.

(Jessica K) #6

So awesome! We should all be so lucky!

(@CubanBarbie) #7

My dad, age 67, is so supportive he joined me in keto and lost 40 pounds! Now we trade recipes and cook for one another!

(Tracy Mason) #8

My dad is pretty supportive and has made the biggest deal out of my weight loss out of everyone. However I have trouble getting him…and pretty much everyone else in my family…to understand that this isn’t a gluten free diet. They always want to tell me about the gluten free breads they’ve seen or such and such a place has a great gluten free menu. But if people aren’t interested I guess they only half hear you lol!

(Carol E. ) #9

That’s great! My folks are not interested in adopting this lifestyle though it is my hope that they would. Mom asks for the recipes but I’m pretty sure they don’t get prepared :wink:.

I remain hopeful that my progress/success will eventually inspire other family and friends.

(@CubanBarbie) #10

I have a similar experience with other family members repeatedly insisting on a “balanced” diet - even after hearing careful and detailed explanations of why this is not temporary for me. People also can’t seem to accept that fruit is sugar…the struggle is real!

(Stephanie L.) #11

Love this! I’m only a week in, but I was talking to my Mom and asking for a few recipes from my childhood that are near-keto. I’d love to make some adjustments to make them work. She asked why I was suddenly cooking (I was the QUEEN of processed/microwaveable/easy foods). I told her briefly about keto, and that I’ve lost 13 lbs :open_mouth: in 8 days. Of course, I clarified that I’m sure it is largely water weight at this point, and will likely level off/slow down.
She asked what in the world I was eating, and I said: eggs, bacon, sausage, butter, heavy cream, avocados, cream cheese. Her first response? You eat like THAT and you’ve lost 13 lbs?! Where do I sign up? :joy: So now, I’m heading to her house this weekend to SHOW HER THE SCIENCE. :slight_smile: