Supplements for teeth

(Marius the butter craving dude) #21

I know that progress is slow due to coffe and sugar free cola.
I also do not have a nice view of the cavities as a dentist has and I can not take a good picture for comparison. The cavities are on a large area but they are not deep. I see that they appear to clear up, I mean I see a nice contrast between the cavite and the white of the tooth; they appear to be slowly shrinking. Hope it is not my imagination.

(LJ) #22

@SporkyDonkey, how frequently did you pull and after about how long did you see results?


It was once a day, and I saw results in a few weeks, but I had one small cavity that was probably very shallow.

(Marius the butter craving dude) #24

It dose work :smile: Slow but it work!!!
I did it 3 times a day, for the last week.

(Susan) #25

This is fascinating!

Thank you @atomicspacebunny for telling everyone about this, this is cool.

I am going to get some of that TSP and do this too.


I bought this stuff last week. Supposed to be fine crystals. Instead it’s just one solid block that I can’t even get out of the bottle. Returning. Very disappointed.

(Susan) #27

Oh wow =( did you get the same stuff that is in the picture she put up?? Maybe I will look for it at Walmart instead of ordering on Amazon, as that is easier for me for returning.


Followed the link, same exact stuff.

(Susan) #29


How come this happened? I want to get some to do this, but don’t want a solid block either.

(Central Florida Bob ) #30

On the TSP (trisodium phosphate) being a block, the stuff does absorb moisture out of the air (the chemical term is hygroscopic). I can see it absorbing enough water to kinda become one giant block if the bottle wasn’t sealed well enough.

Same thing that happens to table salt when the salt shaker turns into one plug of salt.

(Chris Hale) #31

My teeth were chipping and a big corner broke off a molar one day and so I went looking for answers. I found the research of doctor Price and had no more chipping after using the bone broth butter oil that his experiments showed healed cavities. This was before I started keto and was following the conventional low fat low salt dietary guidelines - maybe I don’t need to supplement any more…?!

(Susan) #32

I have also heard of gargling and letting coconut oil sit in your mouth swishing around for 5 minutes, to whiten your teeth. I haven’t tried this yet, I keep meaning to remember to try =).

(Marius the butter craving dude) #33

So I want to keep updating on my progress with the mouthwash solution.
I would say the cavities are 20% healed, but there is a clear slow down due to the fact that the remaining cavities seem to be old and dug in. Another observation is the importance of diet, when I eat strict keto with a lot of fat and butter I had very fast and vissible progress; when I eat low carb and dirty keto I see little to no progress.
A strange thing with two particular cavities is that it seems there is this white semi transparent layer building above them, sealing them inside. Other cavities, as they break into smaller individual dots change color from dark to brown.
Overall I am pleased, I knew that the progress would be slow and take a lot of time, but I feel that I am getting my healthy teeth back

(Susan) #34

What exactly have you been using that worked then? I am curious because I want to try it for myself? Coconut oil?

(PJ) #35

I’m astounded anything works at all, so that’s amazing, that’s awesome, thanks Marius. Do you have a full spectrum ionic mineral supplement as well? Seems like it’d be important for the body to have the materials it needs, as well as the phosphate.

(Marius the butter craving dude) #36

The trisodium phosphate + backing soda water solution.
Morning and night mouthwash.

(Susan) #37

OKay, nice, thanks for telling us =).

(Marius the butter craving dude) #38

Main supplement is K2, also when I eat a lot of lard and or butter I feel great. I hope I eat all the right stuff, maybe this would be faster if I am religiously strict with all my food intake. I feel that the mouthwash is more for preserving (in case you eat dirty keto or not all minerals for actual remineralisation) and promoting healing when you eat adequately.