Supplementing Protein on Multiday Fasts


(mike lisanke) #1

I’ve been fasting and keto for a long time (years) and have been monitoring my health stats (generally good) with Blood tests (many attributes). Recently, I’ve become concerned about a low BUN level repeated on consecutive tests And wanted to eliminate malnutrition (of protein) as the source… I’ve been eating as much (high) protein with feast days But I’ve now started adding a small, largely protein meal to get minimums.

I’d just like to sample this community. Anyone else doing this? Anyone else with protein concerns?

I won’t get into specific blood tests But let’s assume for this threads purpose that I’m correct about root cause and overtime I’m deficient in protein… how do others deal and still maintain a fasting regime that’s apparently working.

Thanks for any comment/questions/concerns/insights.

Best regards, Mike

(Robin) #2

Your post caused me to look up low BUN levels… new to me. I’m assuming you’ve already ruled out drinking too much water? Without knowing more specifics, it’s hard to hazard a guess. Do you not consume much meat? Also, when you say keto and fasting, do you mean intermittent fasting or longer fasting days?
My keto journey eventually led me to carnivore. I was happy with regular keto, but kept eliminating food groups that I gave me issues, and here I am. I rarely chart my macros, but I can tell you that protein is certainly not deficient.
But you will certainly hear from folks on here with more general knowledge who will have some insight for you. I’ll be listening with interest. Always nice to hear from people who have been keto for years. Good luck!

(mike lisanke) #3

Robin, Thanks for replying. I’m a meat eater omnivore low-carb and longer was longer than OMAD fasting with supplements. I’ve added protein on a daily basis as I feel this must be my basis for low BUN. I wasn’t looking for a diagnosis of my symptoms though… just an idea how people are meeting their protein needs on longer fasts. I’m managing my macro energy well and while losing a little weight again at a great rate I’m building muscle mass… but; the low BUN can indicate “malnutrition” which is too nebulas. My primary concern with a great working healthy diet regime (for life) is avoiding sarcopenia. I’d like to find out what others on Keto+Fasting do to maintain enough protein. Jason Fung indicates eating small meals after breaking a fast is optimal But my return Q to him (which he hasn’t answered) is how to eat enough protein after a fast… 150g/d is hard to get into OMAD and more difficult to consume after a multi-day fast… hence going high-protein OMAD and feast days on my original schedule. Also, trading any energy macro for proteins when I can But I’d still like to know what those on this forum think! Thanks again for your reply! Best regards, Mike


I only do PSMFs when I fast, so that’s an always for me. What are your states and how much protein are you consuming daily? Do you work out? I’d assume your intake is scary low? I know my BUN is usually out of range or close to it, same with everybody else I know (that’s like me life wise).

Do you track what you eat as a whole?


I have similar questions. What is normal for you without extra effort eating more protein?

I only do OMAD (not every day as I can’t do that… yet?), no EF though I plan to do them here and there, only short very rare ones, 2-3 days a few times a year, maybe. I needn’t worry about my protein at all as I tend to eat maybe twice as much protein as I need. I simply eat fatty protein most of the time, I need bigger meals too so it’s never a problem. I definitely don’t need 150g but if that was a case, I would eat that amount, sounds easy even with my aversion to most high-protein low-fat items. But if that wouldn’t be enough, I would stop eating OMAD, I am very serious about my protein intake and no way I won’t eat enough. That’s one reason I never want to do long fasts even if I could. My body handle things well enough for 1-2-3 days, maybe but then I would lose from my small, precious muscles. Nope.
I eat high protein because I need it for satiation and my taste dictates that too.

Multi day fasts may result in a smaller meal indeed, it’s a perfect time to forget about OMAD if you ask me. I try to eat accordingly to the wishes/needs of my body, I only do OMAD and EF if it doesn’t feel seriously forced.

These are my thoughts but as I eat every day and as my body rarely accepts way less than 2g/kg protein for LBM per day and it’s very easy to get from an OMAD sized meal, it’s easy for me. And my high protein days would be enough to balance out my rare short EFs if I had them I suppose. I did in the past and I probably will have them again eventually.

I never would do PSMF style days as that sounds pure torturous starvation to me. It may suit many people but I can’t even try it, no matter how curious I am as I am unable to eat tiny meals, I automatically continue to eat most of the time and get hungry in an hour and eat then another times. But as I wrote, it’s not necessary for me anyway. And my bodyfat isn’t enough to support such days I assume.