(Bacon for the Win) #1

I heard a podcast with Nina Teicholz today which got me thinking. What would our supermarkets look like today if we hadn’t been sold the bill of goods on low fat/high carb diets? Imagine no jam-packed cereal aisles, no whole grain breads or whole grains in any shape or form. What would fill the aisle where all the pasta lives? Or take the place of the 100 calorie portions we’ve been bamboozled with?

Maybe we wouldn’t have giant supermarkets but local grocers carrying fresh meat and plant products. So I’m curious as to what you think a market would look like if we had continued eating food that looked like food and not items out of a science lab. Please chime in!

(Guardian of the bacon) #2

While you paint a picture that sounds like a ketoers utopia…I’d fear a run on Bacon and Kerrygold shortages as far as the eye can see.


I like what you did there!

(Sondra Rose) #4

Sounds just like our local Farmers Market!


I mostly shop the outside of the store. I hit produce, meats, cheese, and maybe duck into an interior aisle very quickly to grab pickles and olives. These days I’m favoring Trader Joe’s since I can get in and out very quickly.


I welcome an entire aisle dedicated to different flavoured pork rinds!!


I like growing some of my own food (veggies, eggs) and buying meat locally so need to rely on grocery stores for food less and less. But my favorite is our local food co-op where I have a better choice for those things I can’t grow or buy local then at Trader Joe’s.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #8

My fav too for raw sauerkraut, grass-fed dairy, no sugar-added sausage mixes, unique veggies, etc…