Sugar spike after coffee

(Liz Santiago) #21

Thank you so much guys for taking the time to answer! Let me tell you, today I drank the coffee with my unsweetened almond milk, and avoid the sugar free coffemate creamer and even the great value stevia and used truvia. I checked my blood and it was good through out the day. I came home at 3:30p and took my ketone levels and they went up to 1.0 which I had not seen since May. I am going to keep checking this week to see what happens. Thanks again to you all.


It shouldn’t even be possible to get up that high from coffee. Somethings up, even if that creamer wasn’t the sugar free version you shouldn’t be able to get that high.


Correct, but not comparable to when somebody is on a GLP-1 agonist and the Glucagon is also being throttled. More insulin, less brakes on it, means BG coming down faster like a normal person. Faster return to baseline, lower A1C. Win Win. Plus in my case no crazy person’s appetite.

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Yep. High-fructose corn syrup contains 55% fructose and 45% glucose, whereas regular corn syrup—all forms of sucrose, in fact—contains 50-50 of each.

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That is a very good point. Not only that, but under U.S. law, the nutrition label can say 0 g of sugar, if the amount per serving is less than 0.5 g. And the manufacturer is completely free to determine the serving size. Fortunately, the manufacturer still has to list the various types of sugars in the list of ingredients, though they do their best to use confusing euphemisms, such as “agave nectar,” “evaporated cane juice,” and the like.

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Yes they were, from Amazon.
The non-sugar free version lists sugar as an ingredient, feel free to check for yourself…

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If I were you, I’d stick to pure black coffee for a while, and cut out the Coffee Mate sweeteners, even the “zero sugar” ones. Matter of fact, stevia and other natural zero sugar sweeteners included.

(Robin) #28

Well then, I’m glad you’re not me. I drink coffee with stevia and heavy cream all day long. No problems, only joy.
I used to drink it black. But I never went back. :wink:

(Liz Santiago) #29

Well, today I measure my blood again and before coffee it was 119 at 4am after coffee with unsweetened almond milk , a little bit of heavy cream and great value stevia by 6am it was 93, I measure my ketones at different times but nothing; however, by 3pm ketones were at 1. I guess it was the Coffee mate. I am glad I came here to ask since I was not checking the labels very meticulously like I am from now on. Again thanks! YOU ROCK!


Coffee mate is not our friend. I loved this detective story. A keto-Whodunnit.

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Glad you found the culprit! I never drank coffee mate, even before keto, because of all the junk in it. Give me real cream or half-and-half or I will just drink it black.

My favorite way to drink coffee is the same as @robintemplin - heavy cream and liquid stevia. I use Truvia when I travel because the packets are so convenient.

(Liz Santiago) #32

LMFAO, so funny

(Liz Santiago) #33

I used to drink it black but it made me pee too much and I am teacher so I can’t have that luxury. When I started almond milk I could not stand it so I started putting a keto creamer but it was too expensive until I found coffee mate and thought that it was really sugar free. Now I am using the almond milk with the heavy cream but I have to get use to it. :unamused: