Sugar craving after meal will it ever end?

(Jackie) #1

I want to tap into the herd brains trust.
I find after a meal I crave sugar, does this ever stop?
I eat 2mad with a full cream coffee to start my day.
I have been carnivore to heal a gut issue that has resolved. I now eat keto.

(Allie) #2

More info needed please, what are you actually eating, how long have you been keto? But yes, sugar cravings do stop (or at least get much easier) when your body is used to being keto.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #3

Sugar cravings are much easier to deal with if you are eating enough food, so don’t skimp on the calories.

Many people also find cravings easier to deal with if they avoid non-sugar sweeteners, as well. The logic here is that any sweet taste can trigger a craving for sweets in some people. Other people find artificial sweeteners to be a useful crutch in the transition away from lots of carb. It totally depends on you and how you react.

(Marianne) #4

I lost my sugar and carbage cravings almost immediately after I started. I attribute this to eating enough (three meals a day in the beginning), and getting enough fat. Luckily for me, I love fatty meat and rich food, so it was not difficult to become satisfied.


Are you, by any chance, using sweeteners? I have found that when I eat or drink anything that is sweetened with “keto approved sweeteners” I begin to crave sweet things. My cravings for sweet things is completely gone when I don’t use sweeteners. Also, too many carbs might trigger a craving for sweets. But my experience may be different than yours.


Yep, more info, please. But it’s still individual so we may not help. But maybe we can give tips like @PaulL’s very good one about eating enough. I never had sugar cravings but when I am hungry, my mind may pull off random things out of memory, food items I definitely don’t want but it still sounds nice when hungry… Eating enough is basic. And don’t think that if you eat a mere 1200 kcal lunch, it’s necessarily enough… It doesn’t work that way. I need enough calories (it wildly varies how much) and enough protein to feel satiated enough to ensure I don’t want desserts (not like I try to avoid desserts. I try to avoid carbs especially net carbs). If my food is right, I can reach perfect satiation where I couldn’t eat desserts if I wanted (without some slight force). I only have this with lots of meat for some reason. It often gives me a stop sign, it’s amazing, I surely don’t eat more then as that would be a chore and feels wrong.

So, I had no sugar cravings and stopping eating sugar was the easiest dietary change in my life (except the tiny part where I had to avoid it in condiments. okay, there is one rarely used condiment I like that has a tiny sugar but 1-2g per month won’t bother me, I eat way more sugar on most day from animals… natural sugar but still).
But I was very attached to my sweets. I half lived on sweets on my original keto, it couldn’t be helped, I had problems with eating my 10th day of my day or meal otherwise. I did vegetarian keto, you see. With meat? It’s way easier but I can’t eat only eggs and meat all the time… Good thing I handle dairy well so that is my dessert now and the super versatile eggs.
I only eat desserts if I can’t imagine eating more normal food. So it doesn’t happen so often anymore.

It’s probably quite common. I noticed too that eating sweets tend to trigger wanting more sweets (some very rich ones are safe though. but that’s the minority). It’s not so bad in my life as I always want proper food first and second and third… My 4th or 5th course may be dessert but first without sweetener… And even then, it’s fatty, protein rich and satiating. Good luck to eat a ton of my own rich desserts after, like, a pound of fatty pork, several eggs and some cheese or quark! :smiley: Even I am not THAT bad as long as I keep my carbs very low. Carbs mess up things, even vegetables.

Btw I learned as a kid that basically every meal ends with sweets. I had that for decades. I thought it will never go away but on a woe pretty much void of carbs, the miracle happened, very quickly. I still fall back to the old style if I raise carbs but it’s not that bad until I jump sugary stuff or eat a lot of carbs.

Everyone is different and even I wanted carbs when I first tried keto (I quit it asap, I don’t suffer, I went back to low-carb and came back later when it was fine). I imagine coming from high-carb is way harder on people. And our past matters. So many things matter. That’s why we asked for info, to give more specific answer, not stories about our own experiences…


how long carnivore? when did you go back to keto?

did you crave sugar after your meal on carnivore also?

thing is you went back into carb land. once there only you know what is spiking those cravings. what are you eating on keto? I would go back to carnivore for a while…ditch those cravings again…then ever so slowly add back one item at a time each week. See what your trigger is or what your critical carb limit is for you personally.

for me, I hit into that 10g total carb intake and I go full on cravings…that is why I stay carnivore :slight_smile:

So you are in some transition that is nailing you but only you can wangle around the food intake for you personally and see what is that overload triggering you at this time.

best of luck experimenting a bit and seeing how you do on it.

(Lana) #8

When I have craving for sugar I make my dessert - heavy cream with unsweetened peanut butter and cream cheese. No sugar sub. Fat makes you feel full and my cravings stop.