Sugar at my job

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New to this forum so I don’t know if this in the right category.
I am a baker and often time need to taste test the goods I am making, or when developing a new recipe will need to taste it to see if it is okay.
Obviously i don’t want this to kick me out of Ketosis. So if I chew the bakes but don’t swallow them, will my body still absorb the carbs and sugar?

Any help will be appreciated

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Welcome Zara :slight_smile:

I smoked some weed once, but didn’t inhale it. Later, I found out, it works much better by inhaling :slight_smile: lol

Seriously THOUGH, I could not put sugar in my mouth, taste it, then spit it out. Id rather put Splenda in my mouth, taste it, then swallow it ! :slight_smile:

BTW, My GF loves to bake. Since she has went Keto, she has barely slowed down, only now she uses a lot of almond flour, for Keto friendly baked foods.

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Although I don’t have numbers I would say that you would definitely get effects of the taste testing. Additionally, it will be enough to keep you in cravings if you, like many of us, are a carb junky. I’d equate it it to the alcoholic who wants to be a wine taster who technically doesn’t swallow the wine.

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It won’t necessarily ‘kick you out of ketosis’, depending how much you don’t swallow. Be aware, however, many on this forum report that just getting something/anything sweet past the lips triggers insulin even if it does not affect glucose. Repeatedly triggering an insulin response could inhibit ketone/fat utilization. And, as @Shallimar points out, it will likely trigger/enhance cravings. Kind of like Russian roulette.


No, u will stay in ketosis. The worst what u can get is very tiny insulin rise as the body tries to anticipate for the carbs. This is quite individual and likely not a problem at all.

Must be weird tho dancing with the devil like that. :grin:

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If you chew but do not swallow, you will ingest some of the sugar.
If sugar is sprinkled/frosted on top - you’ll get some because your mouth is immediately breaking down the sugar in the chewed food and you can’t spit it all out.
If the sugar is powdered sugar - that will probably end up with even going into your system after chewing (i.e. it is processed more so immediately combines with your saliva).

To mitigate this situation, I would suggest 2 things:

  1. As soon as the taste testing is done, rinse your mouth with water until you taste no sweet (of course, this is not possible if the tasting requires information about the secondary flavors that arrive after a while - like when a pepper doesn’t seem so hot but then, there’s the secondary whammy of heat).
  2. The other thing I would do is count the required tasting as all of your carbs on working days and eat no other carbs.

Finally, test you ketones with a blood ketone meter on workdays and non-workdays to see how far in or out of ketosis you actually are. If you are at zero all of the time, you’ve got to figure out another way to deal with this. If you are at 0.7 on workdays and 1.1 on non-workdays - you’re fine.

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My understanding is that you will absorb a small amount of the sugar through the mucosa of your mouth. Whether this will be a problem for you, only you can determine. The other posts on this thread contain some useful ideas for coping.

We have some chefs on these forums, so I would probably do better by not contributing my two cents’ worth and letting one of them advise you.

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Welcome to the forum, Zara.

This is an awkward predicament for you as a baker, I can well imagine. All the advice above is great =). I was just wondering, if additionally to all of the ideas above, if there is any way that you can have other members of the staff taste-test the items for you, explaining to them why? (even if you don’t want to tell them you are doing Keto, you could always say you aren’t meant to have sugar, doctor’s orders or something…).

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Old thread but that would be my hell.

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That post may have been intended to be spam. But after I removed a random link, the rest of the message seemed relevant enough to let it stay.

Of course, the OP is long gone.