Study says vitamin-magnesium combo may reduce severity of COVID-19 in seniors


The researchers found that only 3/17 patients in the study arm required supplemental oxygen, compared to 16/26 in the control group.

Magnesium research regarding the role of magnesium in regulation of the immune system.

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Interesting. The first article appears to show a definite clinical effect, that may warrant further study. Given the low N and high p-value, however, I’m not terribly impressed. Nor did I see how it was determined which of the patients got the treatment, and which were assigned to the control group. In a study like this I’d worry about confounders. I’d say that “may” is still the operative word.

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Zinc is deadly to all viruses (kills on contact) that’s why I use Zinc Vitamin C and D throat lozenges when I leave my house and wear a face shield and just received 30 CDC approved N95 masks that I re-use and boil at 160° COVID-19 cannot survive on and after that temperature, then wash in surgical soap. I spray all my masks with salt water which also kills the virus in 5 minutes.

Don’t boil too long or you will melt the elastic.

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Most of those contain sugar I thought. I use liquid drops of all those

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I take positively charged (Zn2+) zinc ion[1] throat lozenges from lifeextensions, I could care less about the tiny bit of sugar in them. And the Zinc Vitamin C & D gummy bears for kids.

You have to be careful with zinc especially with anti-biotics because it will kill them and make them ineffective[1].

Zinc will make you want to sleep and not for lack of energy[2].

Too much zinc can mimic being sick when overdosed[3].

I have tested this out on myself and got all the symptoms of being sick so don’t take too much zinc and follow the directions on the bottle and do a little research?

[1] “…Zn2+ Inhibits Coronavirus and Arterivirus RNA Polymerase Activity In Vitro and Zinc Ionophores Block the Replication of These Viruses in Cell Culture …” …More
[2] Dietary Zinc Acts as a Sleep Modulator
[3] “…Decreased copper absorption may cause anemia. Taking high amounts of zinc is LIKELY UNSAFE. High doses above the recommended amounts might cause fever, coughing, stomach pain, fatigue, and many other problems. …” …More

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I’ll look at them. The zinc I use is also ionic. As a liquid drop, it has no sugar, but I have heard lozenges are more effective in the throat. I can’t tolerate any of that sugar, though. I take it only at night–together with magnesium–so if I get tired, that is ok.


Their cocktail is missing other important Vitamins but it is a step in the right direction.

I’m not buying the zinc kills sars-cov-2 because 30mg zinc citrate just gave me intense headaches(brain inflammation) without any noticeable benefits but I did/do eat zinc rich foods. Fish.

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Lol only if zinc is sitting in your throat in the form of a throat lozenges will kill it or create a barrier between you and the virus, if you already have it, it might help.

Chris M. explains this quite well.

COVID-19: Getting Zinc and Copper Into the Nose, Mouth, and Throat

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Actually, if you can get zinc into the cells, it does block the method the virus uses to replicate. Unfortunately, you cannot easily manipulate how much zinc gets into the cells. Hydroxychloroquine actually does make that happen, and that is a theory for how it could be effective. A zinc-deficient person, however, can increase the zinc in the cels with supplements.

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I agree Dr. Berg said the same thing.

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He can be right on some things, but I seriously dislike him.

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I have to agree with that too he’s becoming more of a commercial poster boy like Dr. Darren Schmidt to sell products but he does give excellent general information.

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Definitely. These guys can be right on a lot of things and cause you to drop your guard. Then they throw their product or Scientology at you when you trust them.


Quercetin does the same thing as Hydroxychloroquine to an extent and I had horrible results with quercetin+zinc… Almost cardiac arrest and I remember reading of cardiac arrest in South Americans taking Hydroxychloroquine+zinc.

I noticed benefits from 100mg benfotiamine (antiviral), 500mg resveratrol (antiviral), 500mg Vitamin C, 1000mcg Vitamin B12, 2000-4000iu Vitamin D and a B-Complex without niacinamide/niacin but with inositol hexanicotinate. All twice daily with bodyweight exercises to modulate the immune system.

I believe I would have fared much better if I would have added a Magnesium/Potassium supplement because I noticed the elimination of cytokine storm/syndrome right after taking a magnesium supplement.

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Oh, I certainly think there are dangers to the hydroxychloroquine treatment. I was just pointing how the theory. Personally, I take 1500 mg Vitamin C, 15 mg zinc, 5000 iu vitamin D, 500 mg magnesium per day right now.