Stuck at weight

(James Weigand) #1

I have been on the keto diet for bout two months and have lost around 20 lbs. My wife and I are now stuck and cannot seem to drop more weight? Probably 2-3 weeks at around the same weight! We are living the keto life style but cannot figure out why we are stalled? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!:sunglasses::+1::+1::+1:

(Karen) #2


  1. patience, maybe it will break loose.
  2. Increase fat, calories or protein
  3. intermittent fasting of some kind

I know it can be frustating


(Diane) #3

I’ve found the following post very helpful. Particularly the info listed under point number 6:

“There’s no such thing as a stall. Ok the scale might not be moving, but other things are happening. It’s my experience that the body doesn’t like to do more than one thing at a time unless it absolutely has to. It’s losing fat on your waistline, it’s gaining muscle in your legs, it’s fixing your organ damage, it’s regulating your hormones. Take measurements, take photographs, and weigh yourself last.”

Good luck and KCKO!

(James Weigand) #4

Can not eating enough calories be a problem

(Allie) #5

Yes it can. Your body needs fuel to perform in the way you want it to.

(James Weigand) #6

Thank you much for your help! I’ll keep after it! Be more precise on my fat intake

(gayle) #7

Have you re-calibrated your numbers? I started This Keto-lifestyle about 9-10 months ago. I started at 2000 calories and 287pounds. The number of grams for fat, protein and carbs was higher at 2000 calories. When I got to 250 I went to 1500 cals and reduced the grams of each. I kept the 70%fat,25%protien5% carbs percentage, but lowered the grams. Today I am at 227 and 1200 calories, on sunday I lowered my grams of each, keeping the percentages the same.

This may help with others who are stuck on a plateau. My advice: Keep the %'s and Lower the g’s.
here is a link bodybuilders calculations:

(gayle) #8

I track with MyFitnesPal it uses Percentages and grams. Has graph for where you calories go for breakfast, luch, dinner, snacks, so you can also track successfully spacing your food, if you eat more than once or twice a day. I started out eating 3 meals a day with snack, then stopped snacking. NOTHING in between meals, Once the hunger and cravings stopped I switched to lunch and dinner. Now I switch between having breakfast and not. I am still loosing, but then I broke my ankle last August and have not been active the last 6 months. But hey~ I’m still loosing… and I am happy with that.

(James Weigand) #9

Thank you Gayle!

(Matt) #13

Dont be stuck or focus on weight loss, focus on eating the right foods. I half assed it and never counted any calories and never weighed anything I just eat real food, no flour, no bread, no sugar and stuck to the main keto friendly foods with a lot of cheat days, once every 2 weeks I’d binge on my old ways and feel like crap and feel bloated. I only hit 2 walls, from a total weight of 380lbs I went down to 320lbs and stayed there for a bit but I was doing more cheat days, then I was stuck at 280lbs and I am still there closely following the keto diet foods but again not paying attention to calorie counting or portions.

I fast for a minimum of 14 hrs but normally 18hrs and sometimes 24hrs with one big meal. I snack a lot now but fluxuate from 285-286 to 276lbs with more snacking hours after and even at night a handful or two of nuts.

Yes I weigh myself everyday but again I dont pay much attention to it. I only pay attention to eating the proper keto foods like asperagus, celery, tomoatoes, little bit of carrot in salads. I am on the salad kick now with a little bit of meat.

My ultimate goals from a massive obese 380 lbs is 250lbs for a bmi under the risk value but 210 is a healthy bmi for whatever bmi is really worth. I will be happy with 250lbs then go on a bit of a complex carb diet such as patatoe and root veg but still stick close to keto because the benefits are so great like reduced appetite which forces me to eat healthy and stay away from any and all foods with a barcode = processed food.

Remember that vegetable oils is horrible for you, stay well away from that and remember that all processed food and restaurants use the fake oil called vegetable oil but is really man made seed oil.

Also be aware of carb creep, where the carbs sneak up on you.

I have watched countless youtube videos on health and keto, I figure its a good kick start to eating healthy and learning about all the different aspects like bad bad omega 6, the downfalls of industrial meat industry vs grass fed meat but like I said I personally did not buy grass fed anything as I am cheap.

Eat when you are hungry, hold out as long as you can and eat food that makes you feel full which is high fat but fat has high calories.

Another thing I did not pay close attention to is gut bacteria, but when starting out dont bother with that.

I drink a lot of Zevia cola for the sweet tooth, I was up to 4 a day if not 5 or 6, but now I am back to dilluting it with soda water and I drink a caffeine Zevia in the morning to give me the morning boost so 40mg of caffeine might not be fasting correct. I started green tea with butter, nutmeg and 33% this is for gut bacteria, but I do want to try that nutritional yeast which is darn expensive. I take 2 multi vit pills, 5-8k iu of vit d, two omega fish oil pills to get me in the sweet spot for omega intake 2-3mg, vit c this was due to the covid info I learned which is partly why I started on the diet to lose weight so I wouldnt be at higher risk for being morbidly obese 380lbs 6’4" male in 40’s, 100 lbs was easy for me but I tell you some days were very tough with the bathroom literal runs and misses but I digress.