Stuck at the same weight for 5 months

(Blyss) #23

Wait, so, you’re going to bed after 10pm and getting up at what time to start your day?

(Alec) #24

This is where I am… I don’t expect to lose any more weight. Or if I do, it would be great, but not really necessary. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of bodyfat, you just should not have lots. Top of the normal BMI would be absolutely fine.

(Bean) #25

I’m getting enough sleep. I wake up before my alarm most of the time, anyhow.

(Bean) #26

It might be if I wasn’t small framed and uncomfortable.

(Bean) #27

I think I’m going to do three things now that the kids are back to their school and my own campus’ students on spring break. Sadly, I am not on break, but I’ll still have time to focus.

  1. I’m going to track everything (including activity) for a few days to see if anything stands out.
  2. I’m going to switch around my antihistamines. I know they can cause weight gain for some people. (I’m allergic to my dog and cat. I think I might have found a home for the cat. The dog is old.) They are both outdoor pets who have found their way into being indoor pets.
  3. I’m going to be stricter about my IF. I’m here, in part, to manage autoimmune diseases, and fasting seems to be a good tool for this:

I’ll give it a month or so, and see where I’m at, I guess.