Stop telling newbies to eat more fat!


I think it comes from a logical fallacy: “Just eat what I eat and fat will disappear.” (Usually some reference to gluttony, sloth, and/or a prominent keto personality is inserted here, it they’re being mean.)

The problem is, you can’t look at what someone on one end of the bell curve does and assume that applying it to someone at the other end of the bell curve will produce the same results. This is often conflated with moral failing on the part of the overweight person.

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I still carry a tremendous amount of guilt eating bacon or anything I was taught for years was really fattening, this might be why I just cannot eat bacon and I don’t like it.

I buy the normal fat cream cheese, etc. but I feel guilty and fat eating it.

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I got nothing against eating pure butter if people want. Butter’s awesome. I used to have a meal that was extra-thick slices of cheese used like bread, with superthick garlic butter, and superthin sliced hot peppers on top.

I just thought it was a funny meme 'cause it in theory ‘could’ match the OP’s point (if one were doing it ‘just to get the numbers by obligation’ instead of because they simply wanted it). I got no problem with humor about lowcarb. :smiley: Of course the text with it comes with ‘opinion’ which I know some people don’t appreciate. I don’t necessarily agree with that opinion (I hate greens and fish and I love butter and caffeine!) but I still thought it was kinda amusing.

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I feel you. I still feel guilty when pouring cream and butter into my delicious butter chicken recipe. Or when I eat gobs of butter with a steak.

And yet the only time I put on any fat is when I cheat and hit the junk food.

Even after 3 years of eating like this, it’s actually still pretty amazing that, when I’m eating low carb, I can eat literally as much food as I feel like without gaining fat.

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And I have to say I never felt guilty eating butter or really fat of any kind. I’m not sure why. But I bet it helps with Keto! And I actually feel like I’m eating healthy when I eat fat things now. No guilt at all about enjoying the fat from a steak.
I Do feel a little guilty when I eat sugary or grainy or anything that might have seed oils in it. And I know it is a hit to o my health.


I just wanted to mention that when I first started researching Keto (2 months ago) and ran my numbers through calculators and downloaded apps that calculated my appropriate macro percentages, they all leaned toward 70-75% fat. I also spent most of my life having “low fat, low cal” hammered into my hungry brain but wanted to do Keto “right” so I was following the “eat more fat” recommendations until I read this thread several weeks ago. Glad I did. Took the stress away from having to hit my macros every day and gave me a more simple way to think about what I was eating. All that to say, I don’t think the audience has shifted much given all the resources out there telling newbies to eat 75% of calories from fat.

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Another study showing higher protein is better. Unfortunately, higher protein versus higher carb, but that’s what you get:

Fat was 30% by calories, high protein was 30%, high carb was 15% protein:

The people (admittedly, a small sample) eating higher protein gained muscle mass, while the people eating lower protein lost muscle mass. And the high protein people got much better oral glucose tolerance tests for both glucose and insulin.

I would LOVE to see a similar study where the carbs were 5%, and the ratios of the protein and fat were changed. I do not know of such a study though.

I think this is the biggest problem I have with macros. You really just want to eat real food, and forget macros. You shouldn’t be adding butter to stuff just to make a macro. Now, if you think butter might be helpful (you’re still hungry and think fat is satiating), that’s a different story. But to just make macros is worthless.

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Gabe for president!
He speaks the truth!

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I like your analogy. Thank you.

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My 2cents on the subject of telling people to eat more fat. I don’t think it’s a bad thing.
I’ve been keto for a year and a quarter. I I’ve lost roughly 40 pounds – I just wander my merry way along the Keto path losing slowly but at a fairly steady pace. I struggle with fasting though. Or I was struggling. Then I saw a comment on Instagram telling a newbie to eat more fat. That got me thinking - I looked at what I was eating through new eyes. I have been slacking off a bit on the fat. I wasn’t cooking the way I had been and we’d been eating out a lot .

The brain washing of a lifetime of all-the-diets-ever-except-Jenny-Craig was stronger than I thought. I was sure I had no problem with fat until I realize I had been feeling self conscious when eating out. Non-Keto folks tend to look askance when they see the fat.

I started adding a bit more fat to my dinner and allowing my self some bulletproof hot water in the morning, I have no trouble with a 7/17 or 6/18 eating window.

I really think many people do struggle with eating enough of any food because they are still “on a diet” . Eating enough fat can help to some peeps out of that mindset.

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Ha Ha! That meme is too funny!

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I know what’s wrong with the second picture. Too much coffee! :grin:

Ha ha! I agree! :grin:

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Butter in coffee is just weird. I eat close to 3/4’s of a stick of butter a day already, as it is. Then I use heavy cream in my coffee :slight_smile: