sounds like nonsense to me.

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Lol i like you, too. But your believing it or not has 0 impact on anything whatsoever. :black_heart:

Next time I do a cleanse, I’ll video myself ■■■■■■■■ , and send it your way. :grin:


Well, that’s ok!

I’m going to watch a film called Tove,meant to do it for a while :slight_smile:

Lots of love; Ron.

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And here I was, thinking your name was Cooper :joy:. Now I know it’s Ron. :+1:


I think you know alright x.


I’m following up on that incredibly long post of mine from a week or two ago. I need an editor! That post looked like it was pounded out by a meth abuser, not a carb abuser. Anyway, I was trying to provide support for the idea that the only good way to get rid of fatty liver is to get rid of fat, based on both some reading and my experience when I had to have several liver studies because of suspected liver disease. I saw my liver doctor after I wrote that monster post, and he agrees that the fat in my liver, which had been showing up in CTs and MRIs for more than 15 years, is either gone or mostly gone. Conclusion: if someone with fatty liver loses a substantial amount of weight on a low carb diet, the liver will contribute more than its fair share to that loss of fat.

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No worries…. I see walls of text like your previous post and just move along. But this one I read!
Good results for you. Nice!