Steady state or Weights?

(Heather Meyer) #1

Hey yall…

K background…
Currently 249.0
Highest 320
Lowest 189

K… here is my question… would it be more beneficial for fat burn to do moderate pace lap swimming for an hour? Or… do an hour of weight circuit?

I used to train in the pool and got quite lean doing that before but didnt help my strength at all…i think i became almost skinny fat? But last time i lost weight i found weights helped me tackle my belly fat better.

I plan on doing both eventually but right now mu time is limited. So if you had to choose between swimming and weight training for the best fat loss outcome which would you choose?

Reason i ask is someone posted a video by some guy named Thomas Delauer and he was talking about HIIT and steady state cardio and he was saying for fat loss…steady state was more beneficial for fat loss than HIIT. But is steady state better for fat loss then weight training?

(Whole Lotta Rosie The Riveter ) #2

I’d pick weight training if I only had time for one. Better for fat loss and your overall health. Swimming is very good for you though so if you can eventually do both then that’s great.

(Lisa ) #3

Weights weights weights weights weights.

(Allie) #4

If I had to choose it would be weights, but I tend to do a mixture.

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #5

I suggest weights, which I can do just by living, so that makes it easy.

(Melissa Marie) #6

From everything I have read HIIT has been what is recommended for overall health, well being, weight loss etc. This is actually my personal goal as my question was also about what was best for me. My time is very limited on certain days as I do shift work. I don’t have an hour a day to commit to anything on most days. So 15-20 minutes of HIIT will be my go to when I am limited on time. I am also looking into the Body By Science workout which is weights and going to adapt that to working out at home for it’s benefits/my limited time (specifically for overall strength/health) and try to merge these two.

(Stylee) #7

I have always heard that after lifting weights your body needs a day of rest to make healthy muscle growth, most effective if you alternate strength training with cardiovascular exercise in between those days. Might be tough on your schedule but it’s best for you body.

(Allie) #8

Not actually the case. Ideally you’ll need to rest the muscles you’ve worked, but nothing to stop you working a different muscle group.

(Take time to stop and eat the bacon!) #9

Whenever I get the urge to excercise, I simply lie down until it passes . . . .

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #10

Which is curious, as getting up is exercise.

(Laurie) #11

I can’t comment on steady state in general vs. weights, but I can offer this anecdotal comment:

When I used to go to a gym that had a swimming pool attached (you could see the pool through the windows), the swimmers did not look anywhere near as fit as the gym people. I’m not talking about serious meatheads–just ordinary people who used either the gym or the pool for fitness.

I think for regular folks, swimming is fine if you can’t or won’t do other exercises.

Personally I don’t do high intensity anything. At my age, I have too many “weak links,” whether it be my knees or my heart or. . . .

(kirstin) #12

I think weights will be more time effective. But the best exercise is the one you like the most and are prepared to do.