Start Here?

(Alix Hayden) #1

I’ve only been exploring here for less than a week, but I am excited to share the site with others when it goes live. Is there a “start here” for new users that I may have missed?

(Michael Boggs) #2

There isn’t, that I know of.

However, here are some great resources to get your started on learning about Keto.

Keto in a nutshell

Keto Faq

Keto Recipes (sorted by top for the year)

And frankly, the best intro to Keto is to listen to podcast number 1 by 2KetoDudes. You can find it on iTunes, or other podcast suppliers.


Or if you’re talking about how to use the forum, there’s a HOW TO section and a lot of good info in the Keto Chat area.

(Alix Hayden) #4

Exactly. I think I’ve got it figured, but I was thinking of brand new users who come in. I know they only have access to a few categories initially, so maybe it’s self-explanatory. It’s been quite awhile since I used old-style forums, but I remember many had a “Newcomers - start here” with tips and FAQs, etc. I didn’t find it that difficult to search for answers or look through what was already here, so maybe it’s not a big concern.

(Guardian of the bacon) #5

The next podcast is going to be a dedicated “HOW TO” for the forum.

(jketoscribe) #6

This was my question about a “Keto Onramp”. In FB we see a lot of people post “how do I get started with this diet”. We need some dedicated place to help people learn the basics of keto that’s clearly marked as such so we can point newbies in that direction. Otherwise this forum will be a jumble of white noise to the uninitiated. “Start Here” even more clearly points peopldin the right direction.

(Alix Hayden) #7

I was thinking of a set of tips or directions about using the forum itself, but your suggestion is great, for people new to keto, if that’s not around already, it’s a terrific thing to work toward I think. Even just the basics.

(jketoscribe) #8

It should be just the basics. The rest comes in time but is too confusing for a true newbie. I used to point people to diet doctor’s LCHF for beginners and that has gotten more complicated now.