Stall or just asking too much?

(Janelle) #21

Thank you - kind of being facetious. I was responding to @GentleBen, who knew someone might take offense at his comments. It’s usually guys who have lost weight relatively easily on this forum who claim slow losers must be doing it wrong. I just want to say that it’s entirely possible to do it right and not lose much.

(Cindy) #22

That’s the truth! That’s why I stay off the scale. The ups and downs over a short period of time would drive me crazy. And by “short period of time” I’m not referring to days, but WEEKS. At 1lb/week, that’s 4 lbs/month, and one bloated day can negate that. So if I force myself to just look at what’s happening with my clothes, I don’t expect to see huge improvements in a couple of weeks, but instead, I’m ok with months.


My point, Janelle, is that several people on here keep eating a lot of food in general – either high carb or not – and don’t lose weight simply because their bodies can’t keep up with digesting and metabolizing the bulk of it all and wind up retaining fluid and/or bloated. Digesting a lot of food over the day also keeps insulin levels high.

While eating strict keto I remain at a constant weight at best and often gain. But I feel great and lose inches but not weight. However, when I mix in IF and EF, the weight comes off rather significantly.

Do what you want and think is best for you. But you might want to consider eating only twice a day rather than three times daily. Give your pancreas a little break.

(Janelle) #24

I hear you - and I do TMAD 3 days out of 7.

The interesting thing is that for some people, apparently 3-4K calories a day helps them lose weight. I don’t really get it but N1 and all that stuff. I can see how some might get confused when half the time here people are telling them to eat more.

(Carl Keller) #25

Eating fat has little or no effect on insulin. Cream cheese might affect insulin a little. Most contain a small amount of carbs and sweeteners. But it’s usually low enough to be keto friendly.

(Jane) #26

Well I averaged 1 lb a week also so my weight loss wasn’t rapid or easy. And out of the 30 I lost I had to fast the last 10 off. I didn’t have a huge amount to lose but I’ve been a lot heavier in previous years so I don’t take it for granted.

(Jane) #27

And watching my husband eat literally TWICE as much food and now TWICE as many carbs with no more exercise and weigh the same as me is not fucking fair but it is what it is.

If CICO is accurate then someone please explain to me how my husband burns so many more calories than me playing video games while I sit and knit. Both are sedentary activities or I am missing something!!!

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #28

It’s magic, Jane. Once you accept that, CICO makes perfect sense.

(Heather Meyer) #29

So you and I are were at exact starting points. I am female which means my hormones goes against me in losing as quick as a man… Ive lost 10 pounds total in 30 days… I would say your pretty dead on.
I am 5"11 and started at 262.5

(MyLove MyLife) #30

Today is my 19th day on Keto Till now I lost 19 pounds I think first 10 pounds like water loss, Since a Week My weight is around at 233 pounds not Increasing or Decreasing I Changed to OMAD to 2MAD but no result in the change of weight still I am strong hope i will be back.

(Mike W.) #31

Instead of eating breakfast and dinner, you should try tightening up your eating window. Pushing your first meal back to around lunch time or later and then eating dinner. You might find this will better control your insulin spikes.


(Janelle) #32

Yep - this happens. You lost a ton of weight very quickly - a pound a day of weight loss is not normal. Now your body is slowing it down and getting used to things. I lost 7 pounds in the first few weeks and now 13 weeks = 13 pounds. You may lose faster but a pound a week is normal for some people.

(MyLove MyLife) #33

I think the ketones slowly adapting to the body, I know many of people who lost 30 pounds in 75 days too in some people it will happen quickly. Hope we will get back on track.

(Janelle) #34

By the way, I’m female, 50 and 5’9 - we’re about the same weight. Will be interesting to see how we compare (it’s not a competition - I’m just curious).

(MyLove MyLife) #35

I’m Male. 31 and 5’ 7" Yes Its no competition it’s totally about fat loss :slight_smile:

(Eric) #36

This is just my opinion but for some the amount of time and degree to which you are deranged means that it may take longer to reverse derangement and lose weight when the body starts to be healed or healing.

I’ve hit a couple of stalls in my 6 months strict keto. Things that have helped me start losing weight again. Each stall I do one more of the following:

  • time-restricted feeding and no snacking between meals or after meals
  • then IF 16/8 to 18/6 2 to 3 days a week and full feast days
  • then OMAD 2 to 3 times a week with some IF 18/6 and full feast days
  • stopped drinking alcohol aka red wine (which causes me to snack) dang.
  • now my first EF 42+ hrs complete this am

Last two months I have lost about 1 lb a week. I’m down ~28 lbs net but started bodybuilding some when I went strict keto so gross fat loss is >28 lbs. Other NSV which I won’t detail here.

Honestly at 65yo if I can maintain 1 lb a week I will be happy. Maybe it will be >1 with weekly EF. But 1 is good enough.

Current wt is 217 but that is right after 42 hr fast so I’m estimating 220 as final post fast weight for the 28 lbs net. 5’8" (used to be 5’10")



Hubby probably has more muscles.
You probably have more hormonal factors.
But you’ll probably live longer so it evens out in the end.

(Now known as "DR JUICE" - it's just that easy! JUICE DC (Doctor of Comedy)) #38

Hmmm, are you married, Alex?

(Take time to stop and eat the bacon!) #39

Congratulations! You were not only losing fat, you were adding lean tissue and increasing your bone density. Way to go!

(Dennis) #40

I’ve been doing keto since May 2018 and have lost ~25 lbs. I eat breakfast every morning, consisting of a 4 egg cheddar and bacon/sausage omelet with smoked chipotle Tabasco sauce. I also drink a few cups of homemade bullet proof coffee. I eat various things for lunch, such as baconators (minus the bun), steak salad with ranch or bleu cheese dressing, pretty much anything high in fat and low in carbs. I will snack on Spitz black pepper sunflower seeds, smoked almonds or various meat sticks like Slim Jim’s. I stay around 2000 calories a day. I am usually very strict, but I have learned that I can cheat as long as I fast afterwards.