"Spoon-Fed" by Tim Spector


A Calorie is Not A Calorie - A Discussion of Thermodynamics
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YES, if you don’t get enough Vitamin C!

Spector notes. All foods are actually a combination of proteins, carbs and fats. Moreover, a fat is not just one thing but “a vague umbrella term for anything made up of building blocks of three fatty acids joined together”. One of the myths he identifies is the idea – which until very recently was medical dogma – that saturated fat is a major cause of heart disease. Spector notes that no study has shown that switching from a normal-fat diet to a low-fat one reduces heart disease. …”

Purposely eating more fat is really not necessary because there are fats in all foods that have all 3 energy units especially if your trying burn body fat and not just lose weight in my opinion.

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Ah, what? I never take vitamin C or eat any fruit. I feel fine.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #4

One of the reasons calories in and calories out (CICO) doesn’t work is precisely that one person does not metabolize food/nutrients to the same efficiency as another. Another major reason is that your specific piece of food does not contain the same nutrients/fuel as the average piece used to define calories in.

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That’s what people say who smoke four packs of cigarettes a day…lol

Thinking you can “feel” something you are not capable of “feeling” vs. ‘awareness’ are two different things?

Can you feel zinc, can you feel vitamin E?

(Bob M) #6

But you’re saying that I “need” vitamin C if I eat salt. I’m telling you that’s completely unsupported by any evidence anywhere.

Or if it was supported, we as a human race would have died out a long time ago.

If you eat CARBS you need vitamin C. If you don’t, you don’t.

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Really? I guess strokes, heart attacks, arterial blockages don’t exist?

I really must start eating cracker jacks, you never know what kind of prize you will get?

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Excuse me.

Did I just read what I think I just read?

“[is] salt [really] so bad for us?” to which you respond “yes, if you don’t get enough vitamin C”

excuse my skepticism, but are you for real? Where’s your proof of scurvy making salt bad for you more or less than it already is? That makes literally no physiological sense.

you can tell if you’re C deficient because your gums start bleeding if you brush or have burnt food. zinc, your sex drive collapses. vitamin E deficiency is extremely rare.

ok, both of you are wrong. CTViggen, the miniscule amount of vitamin C you have in your diet is probably enough. Nobody’s diet is actually C deficient for long (they die if it is…)

You still haven’t actually supported your claim Bun with anything except mis-spelled oblique ad-hominems.

Strokes et alia of course exist. Your position that they are caused by subclinical scurvy (…scurvy is an exclusively clinical disease, so subclinical scurvy doesn’t exist) is as yet unsupported.

(Bunny) #9

I’m sure that I’m real or my fingers would not be using the keyboard?

I guess if you believe in all that ‘cave man’ “…I don’t need any Vitamin C…” factoid type stuff?

I like to keep my veins and arteries in tip top condition, I think I’ll pass on all the cave man rhetoric!

You can risk your life based on someone’s ‘cave man’ theory, I base mine on solid evidence from real research.

I see people come into this forum with cholesterol crystals popping out of the surface of their veins (lack of vitamin C) from only eating meat and fat…no thanks my dear.

(Ellenor Bjornsdottir) #10

then show said research.

you have no credibility unless and until you do.

at no point did I purport any agreement to that philosophy. You seem to straw-man me as such.

and for the same reason I will pass on your less-than-proven resistant starch rhetoric.

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What exists and does exist that is the question of credibility and certainty which you can reach by doing your own research?

I’m not here to share my credibility, I’m hear to share my experience and scientific curiosity, and share what I learn.

(Ellenor Bjornsdottir) #12

so you’ve just admitted to being non-credible.

good game, no rematch.

(Bunny) #13

Hardly an argument my dear!

Wouldn’t it be easier just to respond intelligently with your own evidence instead of getting all emotional and waisting your time on my opinion?

(Peter) #14

There’s Vit C in meat, so if you eat meat you’re getting some.

(Bunny) #15

Yes, we know that but not enough for the amount of fat some people eat.

Then there’s the argument of “…I don’t need Vitamin C because I don’t eat carbs…” the jury is still out on that and I’m not going to be guinea pig for that one, I’m seeing the total opposite which is not looking good long-term…


You did make it a question, so, no, not necessarily. There are lots of chat bots about.

Which would explain the strange positions frequently taken by you?
The weird grammar, the question marks at the end of most statements?
The fast long strings of quotes?
The troll-like unsupported claims, not congruent with the sometimes dumps of references?

The clue may be in your forum nicname?

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Lol If I were a BOT the admin would definitely know it and secondly I’t would be the best AI BOT anyone has ever encountered.

The hackers actually have contests on BOT building, where do you think ALEXA, SIRI etc. came from?..lol

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I hadn’t heard until now that a person’s vitamin C requirements go up with increased fat and salt intake.

Where can I read or learn more about that?

(Bunny) #19

…then logic follows…?

(Edith) #20

Could you point me to the threads that discuss that? You have peeked (or is that peaked) my curiosity.