Sous vide Peeps time sensitive question

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I’m going to a BBQ at lunch today and decided last night that I’d use the sous vide to make brisket figuring I could play around with the temp and be able to have something good by lunch today. I bought two brisket seconds ( the fatty side of the brisket) about a kilo each.

Well I didn’t realize that the meat is supposed to be in the bath for so long. The shortest time I found is 20 hours at 135 so used that as my temperature. The meat was put in the sous vide last night at 10:00 PM it will have cooked for a total of 11 hours when I will have to bring to the BBQ which is half the the time In the recipe.

Panicked, I looked for a BBQ recipe or BBQ instructions for brisket and I found a blog where the person takes a brisket and cooks it for 4 hours on a gas bbq at low heat. (I don’t have charcoal BBQ or a smoker or I’d never even entertain this idea) I figure my best chance it to try to at least cook for a few hours on a low temp to finish it off.

What is your opinion? Do I try that or bring the sous vide with me to the BBQ and try to get a couple more hours in the sous vide and a quick grill on the BBQ? Thank you so much for helping a sous vide newbie!

(Todd Allen) #2

Too shorten cooking time you need higher temperature. You might look at recipes for roasted brisket and see if you can finish it with at least a couple hours in the oven probably around 300F. Or if you can grill it for an hour or more on a not too hot grill so the fat doesn’t flame up you might do ok.

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Thank you for your help! I’ll try that and let you know how it goes!