Sodium levels for Keto


What exactly should your sodium levels be on a CMT for a keto diet? The range on the bloodwork says 134-144 for normal. Mine was at 144. When I start getting those “pin pricks” 1/8 tsp makes them go away and then they start back up 2 hrs later. I think on keto you’re supposed to get anywhere from 4-5g of sodium and I’m not even hitting 3g. All my CMT levels were normal. Even my potassium and I’m nowhere in the ballpark of that 4500mg number.


I should eat 4-5g salt (2g sodium…?) or else I don’t feel okay, not like I often tried but when I accidentally went close to 4-5, I got salt aversion and felt some strange burning, never again! (But it was one time, maybe I should experiment… Once I ate 12g salt, nothing happened but regularly it may be unbearable, I don’t know.) Anyway, this amount (that I get by salting my food according to taste and never ever supplementing it) have been working wonderfully since ages. I won’t change it.

Some of us need less salt (some carnivores don’t ever salt their food, that must be a fragment of my salt intake!) and some more. It’s individual. I never even tried to follow some guidelines, I just follow what comes naturally and works.

IDK what CMT is, I just wanted to say that many of us are better with way less sodium than the keto recommanded amount. It’s individual.


There is no “keto” amount of salt intake. Salt your food, if you’re not having issues, leave it alone. I fell for that and held water like a balloon for years, dropped the unnecessary salt and byebye water retention. There’s also a thing where people only drink when they’re hungry, meaning under hydrating, so they’re prone to electrolyte problems. Grab an electroylte supplement you like or make one yourself, use it normally and salt your food normally. No need to empty a salt shaker into your face if you’re not having an issue. On the potassium, most people are pretty low on that.

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According to a couple of recent studies, the healthiest people have a sodium intake of 4-6 g/day. People on a ketogenic diet probably need a tad more sodium, since the elevated insulin of a high-carb diet interferes with sodium excretion, and eating in a way that lowers insulin allows the kidneys to return to excreting sodium at the normal rate.

I don’t actually measure my salt intake, but if I forget to keep up with it, I get constipated and develop migraine headaches. Too much, and my stools get—well, let’s just say it’s not diarrhoea, exactly, but it’s the exact opposite of constipation. If I really overdo the salt, it starts to taste disgusting.


I use what’s called keto IV it has 500 mgs of potassium per 6 drops. If I have a palpitation I put a drop in a cup of water. But my potassium level on my comprehensive metabolic test was perfect. I average around 2600 mgs of potassium a day. Some say that’s what you need and others say 4500 mgs. I would gain weight trying to get that much a day.