Social pressure (holidays, visits, etc.)

(Jody) #21

Then you have to look at this like any other person in a health crisis, like someone with cancer. There is no other choice. You either accept it or you struggle.

(Ethan) #22

Exactly what I do. But it’s not about luxury or ability to be strict. It’s necessity.

(Carl Keller) #23

IIf 66% of street dwellers are overweight, then there’s something very wrong with the word on the street.

(Marianne) #24

Isn’t that ironic!? You’re the one with the eating disorder in a crowd of overweight people.


(Empress of the Unexpected) #25

Why can’t they push prime rib and blocks of cheese? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

(John) #26

It’s not about you, it is about them and their unconscious fears. They are fat, you are not. Something must be wrong with you, because otherwise, something is wrong with them.

True leaders and pioneers often find themselves alone, until the rest of the pack sees what they are doing and follows.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #27

I always love advice from the black cat.

(Jacqueline Porter) #28

Personally I find myself less tempted to eat processed carbs, but also, in a social situation, there is a pride element! Having told people what I am doing and explained how well I feel, I couldnt bear to suddenly grab a cake and have them thinking “oh there she goes!”
Also, I guess deep down I feel like if I set the best example, and I know I look a hell of a lot better than I did last year, then maybe, in time, I can save all the people I care most about!
I really don’t want to sound sanctimonious, but these thoughts do help me in these situations.
Having said that I love social situations and never avoid them.

(Randy) #29

You’re allowed to value your health above other peoples feelings about your food choices. It’s much more important.

(John) #30

His usual advice is one of the following (assuming you are referring to the black cat in my avatar, whose name is Angus):

  • Pet me
  • Get on the floor on all fours and pet me while I rub on you
  • Lay there in bed while I knead and nurse on the fleece blanket like I am a kitten and not 7 years old
  • Get off of that computer and come out onto the sunroom (his room) and play with me
  • I am going to take something off of your dinner plate. It’s ok, part of normal protocol, do not resist.

All of these are pieces of advice I generally follow willingly, except the last, which I follow, but unwillingly.

(Monique) #31

Not sure if you’d be able to do this, but I get around this situation by advising the host in advance that I eat alternatively, and don’t expect them to cater to my eating habits and will bring my own food, plus some to share.

Then I make a super delicious keto meal, and bring along a keto dessert + a keto nibble platter to share.

This usually generates positive discussion about a ketogenic WOE (because the food is AWESOME) and requests for recipes.

Once that’s happened, I find the host is better informed about keto and frequently when I’m next asked around for another meal, they offer to cook keto for me (which they do with pride, and it’s delicious!).

Eating out is a snap, plenty of advice on that front to help you already above :blush:

(Hyperbole- it’s the best thing in the universe! ) #32

A lot of good advice here. I’d just add that if it is a situation where you serve yourself or order at a restraunt then most people don’t actually care or notice what you eat. If someone points something out say “oh thanks!” and don’t take it.

Bread at restraunts is free for a reason. It’s a cheap way to fill your stomach. If people ask why you aren’t eating bread, say you want to get your money’s worth and fill up on the good stuff.

And as others have said, once your progress is visible, it will be easier for people to accept. I have been maintaining for several months. One friend in particular couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t have just a little of the carby food she brought. One day when she hadn’t pressured me and I was talking to friends who didn’t know about my weight loss about keto I just casually said that when I eat at home it is no problem and I really enjoy the foods I eat and am not hungry. But that social situations are harder because I don’t want to upset my friends, but I also don’t want to undo all my progress. The friend who pressures me the most nodded along understandingly as I was saying this. She hasn’t pressured me since. Sometimes you have to teach your loved ones how to love you, and it takes time.

(Troy) #33


I mean a happy, not going “ -1 “ person for the tally because I’m staying home :joy:

(Jane - not feeling hungry anymore!) #34

Ditto that! I didn’t like social stuff, even when I was eating all the carbage served at the events.
But that said, I hate the sneers and obvious judgement from people when I say I don’t eat their crappy food (I usually just say “I’m avoiding carbs”). I’ve had years of experience though, because I have a ton of food allergies, including a wheat allergy and celiac. I’ve been getting the snotty question “well, what DO you eat” for a very long time.

(Ilana Rose) #35

The most annoying thing is my sister is spreading this idea around my family. She’s been anorexic her entire life. She’s 5’8 and wears a size 0 and her ribs show through her back as well as her front. It’s really, seriously starting to piss me off.

(Jane Srygley) #36

Eek that poor girl sounds really sick sorry to hear that! And sorry she’s scapegoating you with her issues.

(Ilana Rose) #37

She’s been controlling her anorexia since she was a teen (she’s 50 now). She definitely has a few serious health issues but it’s hard to really know if they are related to the anorexia. The most obvious thing that is related is her shut down metabolism. I’ve never known anyone who was as cold as she is all the time. I’m not exaggerating when I say she wears a winter coat inside her well heated house and all through the summer as well.

I love her dearly but she seems to take some pleasure in getting my family to fret over my eating in the same way they always have over hers. My family already thinks plants are healthy and animal meat is not so it was always going to be a battle convincing them that I’m ok doing this, but she’s making it 100 times worse. I need to have a talk with her but I’m dreading the inevitable argument and subsequent tears.

(traci simpson) #38

You sound like you’ve had to do that quite a few times!

(traci simpson) #39

For Mothers Day, there were plenty of meat options for me so that I could have a piece of pie but I also made avocado mousse which I was told wasn’t sweet enough but I didn’t care. I really made it for me to eat so I wouldn’t have to sit there and be ridiculed.

(traci simpson) #40

Why are they all up in your business?