Smoker vs SousVide vs Instapot - what should I buy

(Angie Cummings) #21

One more thing I’ll mention and then I’ll get off my Instant Pot soapbox. They are coming out with the Instant Pot Max soon and I think this is the one I would get if I was interested in sous vide because they actually recommend it for that function so I’m guessing the temp is a little more precise than on the Ultra.

(Brian) #22

Tough question. I can see how any of them could be in first place.

For me, it’s the sous vide. I like that one and use it quite often. Meats come out cooked perfectly every time and a texture that I really like.

I don’t have a smoker or an Instapot. I think the next on my list would probably be the Instapot but either would be a nice addition.

Probably the best choice is the one you’d get the most use out of. :slight_smile:

(Casey Crisler) #23

One thing (gadget) I forgot to add. A Smoking Gun. If you want to smoke stuff indoors or on the patio without the hassle of setting up the smoker and chips, yada yada, this gadget can help out there.

(Running from stupidity) #24

In what way?

(Casey Crisler) #25

Undercooked and bland. I cook them for 2 hours at 133 degrees. Salt, pepper, sometimes garlic powder and/or butter. Than sear it on a hot skillet after SV. Everything the recipes say to do. I’ve done ribeye, sirloin, chuck maybe one other. I’m not sure what the deal is unless the temp on my device is incorrect. I like the steak medium rare but these come out quite rare.

(Running from stupidity) #26

Alrighty, a couple of suggestions.

Can you test the water temp with a thermometer to check it?

If not, try raising it a few degrees. I do mine med-rare at 54C (so a few degrees lower than you) and they’re great.

Next thing to try experimenting with is time. I’ll do some cuts (Hanger steak, for example) at up to 72 hours, while I’ll do rump at 24, and Porterhouse (NY Strip for the US) at 12-24 depending on if I remember to put the steak in the night before or not… Anyway, try putting them in at lunchtime or the morning, maybe.

(Casey Crisler) #27

I’ve read or heard that leaving strak in the water for xx hours beyond a couple doesn’t add anything to the process. So I’ve never tried. I’m also a little paranoid about leaving stuff like that running when I’m not home. I guess I can try it
on a weekend. Although I wonder, is the taste worth all the time and effort when it can be cooked on a grill in a few minutes?

(Running from stupidity) #28

Well, it’s time, but it’s no more effort no matter how long it’s in the water bath.


Brilliant additional Casey!! The wings look incredible from the air fryer!!!

(Failed) #30

Adding butter to steak while it’s being cooked sous vide has a negative impact on both the texture and the flavor.

Here’s the YouTube video that explains that.