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(Liz Oldfield) #1

I have been on low carb for 3 years. Keto on and off last 9 months. I have developed skin tags last 12 months, what can I do. I measure ketones and I am in ketosis. Will alcohol affect insulin resistance.
BTW I’m not losing weight either. Looking forward to your replies cheers Liz

(Bunny) #2

You keep filling your glycogen stores back up too fast by eating too much sugar continuously over periods of time so insulin starts storing the sugar as cholesterol and fat?

Thus the skin tags are a sign you may be becoming insulin resistant? (your body is rejecting the extra sugar or exogenous glucose now piggy backing on the insulin)

You need to have more skeletal muscle volume (to adipose fat ratio) in contrast to the type and amount of carbohydrates (sugars) you are eating, you go over or exceed that amount all at once on a continuing basis and like it is said above your body starts storing it as fat and cholesterol.

That is why you now have the skin tags?

Don’t blame the ketogenic diet it is of your own doing!

(Katie) #3

How do you know that? Did she post her daily diet somewhere that I cannot see?

(Bunny) #4



@Oldy77 - LCHF is a great way of eating for many but if you are very insulin resistant you may need to dig a little deeper :slightly_smiling_face: Try sticking to the 20gms or lower & if you haven’t done so already you could compress your eating window so you’re not eating for at least 18hrs in a 24hr period. This might get things moving for you.

(Raj Seth) #6

I had skin tags - a lot - pre-leto. even had a dermatologist remove a bunch 7-8 yrs ago. Since Keto, Oct 2017, skin tags have disappeared - yes even the ones I had have gone away. I have 2-3 left now, expecting them to disappear soon

Maybe you need to go hardcore keto?

(Troy) #7

For me, I developed some more skin tags as well
Random places
The eye lid ones bug😡
Darn bug eyes😂

Yes, this was BEFORE when I was going by net carbs

No more appearing since going total carbs, well < 20 grams each day
Perhaps that helped or stopped the random surprises🙂

(Susan) #8

Mine have been slowly disappearing, or shrinking, and no new ones since Keto. I have always done 20 carbs or less daily since starting in February (with only one cheat day: May 12, Mother’s Day when my girls took me out for lunch).


Here is a good discussion on skin tags, and good links to studies which proved skin tags are a sign of insulin resistance. I had them before going keto, had some removed and the othes went away shortly after going keto. I even have a mole that has lost its red color and gotten tiny compared to how it used to be.

(Peter) #10

The tags on my skin were scattered all over my body, but they disappeared as quickly as they appeared. That’s why I don’t worry about it but I still read and am interested in various articles about How to remove skin tags. In the future, it will definitely come in handy because you never know when a new problem will grow on your skin, right? I am very sorry to those who have such tags for several years and can not get rid of them. This sounds very painful and overwhelming because I know what it’s like to live with these types of tags

(Michael Wallace Ellwood) #11

I remember reading quite some time ago Jimmy Moore saying his skin tags had disappeared on keto.

Mine haven’t disappeared, but while EF-ing, I’ve notices that a large soft “spot” on my back seems to have started to shrink; hopefully autophagy in action.

Maybe the tags will follow.