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Forum Navigation options?

I won’t be using the forum on a smartphone much because I like typing on the PC. So is there any flexibility with the navigation options for the forum on the PC? Like for example, can there be a navigation URL string at the top and bottom so it is easy to click back to where I was before? Or a button for “returning” to the “unread” items quickly without having to click more than once to get there? Just a thought…
Thanks, Mike

(Larry Lustig) #2

There are actually keyboard shortcuts that let navigate with just a key or two. @richard had several posts on then.

(mwall) #3

keyboard shortcuts sounds good to me… :smiley:

(mwall) #4

I also see I can click on the bar menu by my avatar up top for a shortcut click! :laughing: Learning curve. :smiling_imp:


Yes, I’m trying to learn the best way to navigate. The hardest part so far is moving from new posts to the next one. You have to scroll down to the bottom to click on the “new posts” like. It seems to be new posts link, button, whatever should be in the fixed header.

(mwall) #6

It is in the header bar menu by your picture :slight_smile:


That’s still two clicks.

(mwall) #8

Yep but no scrolling :wink::heart:


What can I say, I’m lazy.

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Nah, it’s just we are conditioned to find the most efficient way to do
things from the pressure of the digital age! I’m with you all the way. :blush:

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