Sinus/Allergy Issues

(J) #1

So, it seems I’ve had my first little sinus/allergy flare up since starting Keto in late March. Lots of phlegm, some head fatigues, and a scratch in the throat (but not sore, just the need to clear often). What are the best natural methods of treatment y’all’ve found? I’m reticent immediately to go to meds.


That’d be none if you actually want relief, Bromelain allegedly helps allergic reactions, but in real life you’re dealing with a malfunctioning immune system, meds my man.

If you want to (try) to see if you can do some allergy repair work, look into the Peptide Thymosin Alpha-1.

(Bacon is better) #3

Are you sure it isn’t simply a mild cold? If so, there’s not much that can be done to hasten the end of the infection. Palliative care for me is to inhale warm salt water, then blow my nose, and then to gargle with warm salt water as far in the back of my throat as possible. A cup of a hot beverage also helps.

(J) #4

Might be a cold.


I am sinus seasonal allergy type. I hate to say it but I stick with my sinus allergy meds. Only way for me to somewhat survive it all but if just a small cold blip, wait it out a bit and see how you feel in a few days.
I know my allergies cause I basically live with them and know my symptoms like the back of my hand.

hope ya feel better fast.