Signature and/or 'flair'

(Michael Boggs) #1

What does everyone thing about a flair type signature? For example, over at reddit/r/keto, they use this format:
40/M/6’1" | SD: 8/15/16 | SW: 271 | CW: 235 | GW: 230 | 35 lost

(SD = keto start date; SW = Starting Weight; CW = Current Weight; GW=Goal weight)

I find it very useful to put peoples posts in context. Someone who has only being doing keto for 2 weeks is going to have a different perspective than someone who’s done it for 6 months.



I think that would be useful for a lot of questions asking for help. Not too fond of letting sigs get out of control all over the board though. Maybe that’s something to add at the end of some posts, but not all?

(Michael Boggs) #3

Agreed about the “signature bloat” issue. That’s why I would personally prefer that it be more flair style. Put it next to the users name. Similar to it saying “Admin” for you or “legacy” for me.


I like this idea! I enjoy the flair on r/keto. It can be pretty inspiring.

(AnnaLeeThal) #5

I really like this idea.

(Richard Morris) #6

Yeah Me too - maybe we should just put them in the title section of our profile

(Tom) #7

I’m also a fan of the compact flair from r/keto.


We can put it in the Name section under preferences.

(Michael Boggs) #9

I don’t see a title section. I did put it in the “About me” section. That might work, as it pops up on hover.

We should post a “how to” and give options for people with different goals. My goal is (was) weight loss. Others only want to control other things, so they might not care to post weight goals and such.

Just some thoughts.

(Kieny Poppen) #10

I like this idea but I’m not sure about too much info in the signature. For me personnaly when I started, it was much more important to lower my insulin levels and cholesterol (especially the triglycerides) numbers, but now I’m also happy with my new weight.