Sickness and high blood sugar


(Todd Chester) #1

Hi All,

Any tips on how to get your blood sugar down to normal levels when you have a fever?

I had a fever for the last few days and my blood glucose hit 127 mg/dL. Next morning it was 124 mg/dL. Usually it is around 90 to 105 mg/dL. Yesterday, I fasted it down to 100 mg/dL, but it took all day. When I ate (chicken or zero cards), it jumped back to 110 mg/dL after 2-1/2 hours. Oh and I am a eater when I am sick. So this is a pain-in-the…

Now that the fever has subsided, my morning BG was back down 96 mg/dL. It occurs to me that maybe my body is actually wanted my BG to be higher to make my body inhospitable to the virus, sort of like
it does with a fever. Maybe I should not fret over it?

Any words of wisdom?


(charlie3) #2

How about, don’t fret about that kind of short term event.

(Todd Chester) #3

Figured that might be the case. Then again, I risk losing my feet. And I just got the bleeding in the back of my eye fixed.

I have seen evidence that if you let a mild fever take its course, it decreases a cold by 1/3 time


Higher BG in not likely to make your body less hospitable to the virus (quite the opposite I believe) but it is normal for BG to increase as your body fights off an illness. I’ve heard some people claim that drinking lots of water will decrease their BG - I’ve never witnessed it myself but if you’ve recently had a fever then staying well hydrated is a good idea anyway. As it is now going down again I wouldn’t be overly concerned but you should keep an eye on your feet and see a doctor if you notice anything untoward.

(Todd Chester) #5

Thank you. Great advice.

So far my feet are fine. The last issue I had was diabetic retinopathy (slight amounts of bleeding in the back on my eye). My eye doctor thought it was from the T2, but I have my doubts. Anyway, I went under immediate treatment (Celosia 10) and it cleared up. I have before an after pictures of my eyes.

So I am a bit paranoid. But you know a little time at 130 mg/dL is not going to hurt me any more than a fever of 100. It is just frustrating. Before the fever, my morning GB was in the 80 for the first time in a long time.