Sibio sensor for continuous ketone measuring


Hi folks🤗does anybody have experience with the Sibio ketone sensor? I’m wearing it for 10 days now, it’s quite interesting. My highest ketone levels until now are in the afternoon and evening, but during the night l’m out of ketosis. Has anybody else experienced this?

(Bob M) #2

Those aren’t available in the US. I’ve seen posts (mainly on Reddit) of people’s outputs, and ketones vary wildly throughout the day.

Are you considering “ketosis” to be > 0.5 mmol/l?


Yes, in my opinion ketosis starts at 0.5 ketone level. I am fasting now for almost two days and for the first time since l‘m wearing the sensor l stayed in ketosis throughout the night. Today l will start eating again, and l am curious if ketones will drop again during the night. Will have the sensor for two more days, and will maybe buy it again for two weeks after a few more months of keto to see how things have evolved. The fasting has given me a very nice level of 2.0—2.5 this morning which is fantastic.

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Well, based on my pin-prick data, I always had highest glucose and lowest ketones in the morning and then lowest glucose and highest ketones before bed. Glucose dropped to the lowest at night (I was able to wear a CGM), but I didn’t have a continuous ketone monitor. I should note that after being on a keto diet for over 10 years, my ketones are always very low, below 0.5 mmol/l every morning. Gets higher in the evening though. So, metrics like GKI are completely useless for me.

This data was from someone on Reddit. Do these curves look like yours?


Yep, that‘s what it looks like. For me it was helpful to see that with fasting l can raise my ketone levels throughout the day. And also to learn which foods make them drop. I have Long Covid and serious brainfog, that‘s why l want to have a higher ketone level to get in the therapeutic zone. For that purpose it should be above 2.0 mmol, and l never was before the fast. So l will regularly fast once a week for 24 or 36 hours (l hope l can😜).
Congrats for being in ketosis for ten years!

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When I first started tracking, about 3 years after starting keto, I could get into the 3-4 mmol/l when fasting a while. And being in the “ketosis” zone was easy for me. After a while, I think the body gets used to it, though, and “optimizes” ketone output/usage. Not sure what happens for something like what you’re doing or for other maladies, like mental illnesses that are helped by ketosis. Will be interesting to see studies in the future of us long-timers.

That is great that ketones help. You can try things like coconut oils, i.e., MCT oils, which help to raise ketones. I think the guy who posted those curves was doing MCT oils (and/or exogenous ketones), and that’s how he got some of the very high levels. That 5.3 was helped by something.

I hope ketosis helps with long covid.