Show me your home gym

(Bob M) #1

Before the stay at home orders (CT, USA), I was moving to body weight exercises, though I still went to the gym. Since the stay at home orders, I’ve built my own gym. It’s shown below. The cables are TRX cables that I bought last year when they were on sale (these are the “old” model, and they had just come out with a new model). Those were installed before stay-at-home. The mat, I pilfered from my daughters. The exercise ball, I had. I bought the pull up bar and the dip bar (good for L-sits too) just before they weren’t available. I also have tire/rim combos that I use for farmer’s walk.

When we put in the pull up bar, the joist cracked. So, I sistered it with wood. I also put 2x4 braces between the joists to limit side-to-side movement.

I can take up the 2x4 between the poles, then take up the mat and wrap the TRX cables around the pull up bar, and everything is out of the way.

I’ve made a lighting improvement since this. Two LED strip lights are on a separate switch and light up only this area, so I don’t have to have all of the lights on in the basement.

Behind my gym is where my kids have dance class/karate. The floor is for tap dance, and we had to buy that. The hanging picture we had for a project my wife did last year.

What does your home gym look like?

I also have been doing “sprints” using my mountain bike. I bike about 2 minutes, going as fast and hard as I can. I then take about 2 minutes off, riding back to my starting point. I have a treadmill, too (bought years ago for when I had shoulder surgery), but luckily have not had to use it much.

(Allie) #2

The long snake thing keeps the cold air out when I’m in there. Always trained at home, never set foot in a gym. Also got a pull up station in another room and squat rack in another.

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #3

No home gym here, but my set-up for exercise, such as it is, is a 6ft x 3ft carpet off-cut on the sitting room floor which I unroll for an hour daily while FaceTiming my mum’s TV where she is streaming (and participating in) her aerobics teacher’s homemade videos. We do a sequence of three videos (a warm-up, an aerobics session and then some toning and ‘body conditioning’ exercises) and have several in each category to choose from, so we mix and match to keep it varied. We’re really enjoying doing this together. These are the ingredients for the best hour of every day (apart from Sundays) during lockdown! Oh, and I use cans of food for weights - I know, I know…

(Mum says she can’t believe how fit she’s getting - normally she goes to her exercise class once a week - but we’re doing it six times a week at the moment!)

Pre-lockdown I wasn’t exercising all that much. Until a couple of years ago I was spending a lot of time running with a local club several times a week, as well as swimming and working out at the local gym most days and cycling most weekends. Common to many Snapsy ‘Hey, THIS is my new thing!’ lifestyle choices I threw myself headlong into it far too fast and far too hard, and picked up injuries so often that I got very disheartened - I finally stepped (nay, limped!) away from that level of exercise after suffering a stress fracture while (over)training for my first half marathon.

So I’m really really pleased to be exercising regularly again, even if it’s just a series of exercise videos. I’m looking forward to running outside again once shielding is over. I have this virus to thank for re-sparking my interest in fitness!

So, no home gym as such - but that bit of carpet is taking a pounding, and I’ve gained a whole load of muscle tone in the last month. All to the good!

(Bob M) #4

@Shortstuff Nice! That goes to show you don’t need that much space for a home gym.

When I was younger, I had a squat rack in a house. Sadly, after years of squats and lifting, I injured my shoulders, then got back problems. So, I have not squatted in a long time. It was one of my best movements at one time. I was much stronger in squats than in chest presses, for instance.

@KetoSnaps That is a very encouraging story! It doesn’t take much to improve, especially if you go to short, intense workouts.

I used to bike a lot, multiple centuries (100 miles) under my belt. I started reading studies about autopsies they did on male marathon runners, and how many of them had scarred hearts. I had gone to more intense lifting way back, as it fit my lifestyle (who wants to spend hours in a gym?). But then I started doing the same with aerobics. Now, I lift until I cannot anymore, and I do something similar with aerobics. This way, everything is short but as intense as I can do.

By the way, this guy has some good exercises:

His “progressions” are really good. Say you can’t do a pushup or you can do too many. He goes from “easy” to (insanely) hard.

Also, I’ve done thousands if not 10s of thousands of squats in my life. I cannot do a full pistol squat, which he makes look easy in these videos.


Good Ol’ Covid Health and Fitness, formally known as the office. Thing pretty much takes up the whole room, and I’ve got some bands for some oddball stuff. Has all the bench stuff, high and low pulley, squat bar and a couple cable attachments (more on the way) My inversion table has taken on a 2nd role for inverted situps. So far so good. You can run the “bar” all the way to the top and use it for pull ups, today I’m pulling down the fan and putting up a flush mount LED so I don’t get my head chopped off, I need a haircut bad, but not that bad.

(Chris) #6

Waiting on my squat rack.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #7

So you can’t even run in the neighborhood with a mask? I didn’t realize things were locked down so tight there. You can still walk, bike and run here. People are supposed to keep that 6’ from each other and most are doing that. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #8

I could. But I am choosing not to. Mr S is in the ‘extremely vulnerable’ category (on two types of immunosuppressant medication) with the recommendation (by way of a five-page letter) that he does not leave our home at all for twelve weeks from receipt of that letter (end of June). What they’re asking him to do is what they’re calling ‘shielding’ over here.

I am in the ‘vulnerable’ category (type 1 diabetes) - which means I could go out for exercise/essential shopping/essential work if I have to. As it happens, I don’t have to at the moment. And in not doing, I feel I am protecting us both. I haven’t left our home since April 6.

Some of the general population (the under 70s, and the not vulnerable or extremely vulnerable) are absolutely going out for essential shopping/to exercise/to collect medication/do essential work). I understand that. And there are also over 70s and vulnerable people going out for any one or more of the permitted activities, sure. But I am very fortunate in that we have not been struggling to get hold of the items we need.

Same rules here, in fact.

(Full Metal KETO AF) #9

Ah, I didn’t know Mr. S was on immune suppression like me. My doc wants me at home all the time too, and I stay home mostly with necessary trips to the grocery and occasionally seeing Kim and going for a drive or walk. I’ve been mostly at home since late January for other reasons related to my leg, then COVID hit after mostly staying home for almost 2 months already after my night of dancing with my son! I’m surprised you don’t just get in that camper and drive somewhere where there’s no people for a break. :cowboy_hat_face:

(Rebecca 🌸 Frankenfluffy) #10

Awwww I know - wouldn’t that be great?! I was reading a report today about a couple from Kent (bottom right hand corner of UK) had driven all the way to Cornwall (bottom left hand corner of UK) and were fined, had their vehicle seized and had to take the train home!


Can’t believe we picked up our camper the Wednesday before the Monday when the lockdown started! We’re really looking forward to getting out in it - that time will come soon, I’m sure. All will be well - it’s just a waiting game for now! In the meantime, home sweet home is where I shall be.


(Consensus is Politics) #11

I have a no frills stationary bike. Parked right in front of the TV. Gets used very little.

But instead, I built a new PC. I ordered all the parts right before the fecal matter hit the spinning wind make (sounded better in my head). I retired my 12 year old PC. It was a partially new PC back in 2008. I say partially new because I wanted to build it, but found it cheaper to add on to an off the shelf Gateway. That old system had 4 GB of ram, was a mid level system the year before I bought it (I dont do bleeding edge). I added a nVidia 9800GTX video card (it too, no longer top of the line for the time, but damned good still at the time). Then a few years later added a USB 3.0 card to it. That was fun, I had to cut a hole in my video card because the video card was so big it covered the other slot I needed. BUT IT ALL WORKED!

So then recently, as in 12 years later, began acting up. Could be so many things. I did try troubleshooting it one day with no results and decided to bite the bullet and see what I could get a new one for. I figured I should be able to spend the same amount of money as I did last time and get a PC that was about 30x as powerful. But I was wrong, it is way more powerful, and no where near bleeding edge (I hate being close to that edge. You get massive performance, sure, but everything needs to work perfect all the time, and you get very little tolerance for things like thermals, or power fluctuations.)

So I exercised my brain and worked the parts to buy. I wanted to keep it all under $500, and I did it for $499 (plus tax)

Its quiet, its fast, and its plain awesome sauce.

Keto Vitae!

yes, I left out the tech details. My writing is bad enough, but then to bore everyone else with the technical specs, just thought I’d spare it !7;^D


Lazy dog included, for motivation :wink:

(Chris) #13

Wow, Amazon is on fire. Just got notified my rack is coming this weekend, almost a full month early!

(Terry Maxwell) #14


Put this gym together slowly over about a three year period. Searched craigslist daily for deals on top of the line equipment. Now it is definitely paying off!


I use the ocean at the bottom of the street. Every day a different work out. I live, my home is, in an isolated and wild part of planet Earth. We are not locked down here, so can go out for exercise purposes.

(Chris) #16

Rack came :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I primarily use my Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE with the two weight upgrades that simulate 410 lbs of resistance (not always accurate, I know). I got it a while ago with a bunch of attachments such as a squat bar, pulldown rope, etc.

I have a set of kettle bells that I don’t use as much and a stationary bike that is now getting less use now that the weather is getting better and I prefer to walk around outside (in a social-distant responsible manner :slight_smile: )