Shoutout to Women under 30 on a zero carb/ carnivore diet for more than 1 year

(Shromona Das) #1

HI! I know, I know, don’t listen to the naysayers and plebeians who have no idea what keto is. Yes, true. I have been travelling extensively lately, and as weird as it may sound, i found myself in a situation yesterday where i compromised every bit of my hard earned ketosis on candyfloss. what? yes, those of you who know me, are well aware of the hard time i’ve been through the last three months to get back to the keto-state. I finally was seeing some result. I hauled through the flu, I handled the breath like a boss and bam! the big indian weddings happened and my cousin decided to get married in a little himalayan town and our train was 6 hours late with one keto option to munch on: peanuts. No, I can’t survive on a handful of peanuts all day, with immense mental anxiety of the train actually reaching the destination before midnight. the other wedding guests, diabetics and the “I eat pastries and yet am size zero” people had no issues: there were sweets and fried chips and more sweets and more chips and some less fried popcorn! I ate. A lot. I was soooo hungry. I had to. And here I am. I know i’ll get back alright, it’s a lifestyle for god’s sake, I have my whole life ahead to fall out of and to get back to ketosis. two extra inches around the belly, yes, but i’ll get right back on track.
here’s what you need to know if you’re new: I’m a female human, 23 years old, from a provincial indian town so don’t tell me to have lard and pork and beef and hazel nuts or even coconut flour- we don’t get any of those here. I’m 5 feet 2.5 inches and was (two days ago) 46 KGS. my mid belly was 25-26 inches and my big lower belly was 27-28 inches which has increased overnight. thanks to the vendor selling oh-what-to-eat-when-in-need-candyfloss. I’m thinking of giving the zero carb diet a go if that helps me to get back into ketosis faster. Have you done it for a long time? more than 1-2-3-4 years? Does that harm your liver like people say it does?


The additional weight is simply water attaching to carbohydrate. Once you lower glycogen stores the water will leave.
The absolute fastest way to ketosis without taking in exogenous ketones is by not eating.

(Shromona Das) #3

Thanks thanks… But, I think my way of negotiating with keto diet post cheating is being excessively hungry and cranky. I don’t think I may skip all the meals at a go. I think I’m practically a food junkie now. I won’t be one when I’m in ketosis. Does consuming ketones work though?

(Genevieve Biggs) #4

I’ve been Zero Carb for 14 months. I’m 25. Best decision I ever made. :sunglasses:

(Shromona Das) #5

How much have you lost on the carnivore? What’s the caloric intake? And protein to fat ratio?