Shirt sizes NSV

(PSackmann) #21

Incredible progress!!!

(Scott) #22

That’s great , I am down from 52 pants to 42 but my shirts only down from 3xl to 2 xl was hoping xl by now

(Jane) #23

Maybe putting on some muscle instead?


Those photos are fantastic Eric, congratulations!
It’s a great feeling to be able to downsize the wardrobe.

I have started to take clothes I have shrunk out of to a nursing homne near me, where I have noticed a lot of the old folks have been abandoned by their families and they don’t get clothes that fit them or are new.

I love elephants and one old lady is now happily wearing my elephant t shirts…she always commented that she loves elephants when she saw me in them (going to visit my mum) and it is fantastic for me to see the shift in these old folks who have people smiling at them now cause, they are spruced up and wearing cheerful bright colours.

And I love having fewer clothes to care for!
Keto is really simplifying my life.

(Scott) #25

No muscles have gotten smaller but it’s ok I feel better

Just wish chest would get a little smaller

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #26

My lovely wife helped me pick this out for a meeting with the President of the University of Richmond, which is where I work.

(Susan) #27

You look very smart, Eric =) I hope that your meeting goes well. He would be even more astounded if he knew what you have accomplished to get to this form! You look great, you have done an amazing job with your Keto journey.

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #28

A lot of people at work today noticed my wt loss today.

(Susan) #29

That is very lovely, very encouraging and makes you feel good I am sure.=))

(Eric - Slow down to speed up!) #30

This picture is the one that I love the most. I can tell I am significantly smaller.

(Ellen) #31

Very dapper :grinning:

(Marius the butter craving dude) #32

The day I started my journey of transformation was the day after a wedding in the family. I was forced to buy a new and bigger suite for that event. I gave a lot of money on it. Yet I only wore it once and I am still trying to sell it because now it is huge !! So yes… I bought expensive and big clothes 3 days before the start of my keto journey…

(Jacqueline Porter) #33

You look amazing, and a happy light shines out of you🙂

(Allie) #34

Looking great Eric!

(⚕ ⚕) #35

Look at you. I work at Duke U and started wearing more formal business attire this year. It makes me quite the odd duck (as if the rest of the package wasn’t bizarre enough), but I like dressing more formally.

(Paul H) #36

Great work Eric! I recently fit well into a shirt I don’t think I ever wore prior. It is a nice feeling.