SEPT. 2023 Maintenance Check In

(KCKO, KCFO) #21

I was thin till John Lennon was murdered. I stress ate for a LONG TIME and gained, could not lose. Nothing in my life had hit me harder than his death. I spiralled into depression and just couldn’t find my way out.
I got up to 190, tried Weight Watchers and other programs would lose a few pounds then, gained it all back. I found the Zone while still living in AU, I lost some of the weight but not all of it, kept it off for a few years, this was also when I was going through menopause. I did get very close to my goal weight while going through that. It wasn’t until after it stopped that I regained about 40 lbs. back. I was stressed out again, this time from leaving AU, I was entering a new job field, and my mom was going through cancer, etc. Stress was very high.

When I retired, I started Keto and within a year I was in maintenance. Keto and fasting got me where I want to be and are keeping me there with very little effort. I love the way I eat now and can not imagine going back to another way of eating.

(KCKO, KCFO) #22

Since it is autumn here in my part of the world, I will be doing more soups and stews.

What are your favorite ones? Please share yours here.

Mine is cauliflower & leek soup. I make it with chicken bone broth, a couple of leeks and about 16 oz. of cauliflower that has been riced. I like an Italian seasoning blend, salt, a tiny bit of cumin added. I toss it all in my instatpot for 40 mins. on low pressure.