Sept. 2022 Maintenance


Congratulations! :partying_face:


Yay!!! Congrats! :tada:

(Robin) #50

Hey hey! Congratulations! What a feeling, right?

Now, if you can… avoid the scale for a while if going up a pound or four will mess with your head. I’ve been at goal for almost a year now, but there is a tendency to go up 2 or 3 lbs for a few days then suddenly dip below my goal for a few days…. And all while I have changed nothing. I finally put the scale in the closet and only check at the docs. I remain in the same range. My maintenance weight is 155. I range from 152 to 157. And it no longer holds any meaning for me.

But as always, you do you! And again… congratulations :tada:

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Well done. Now the REAL work begins, keeping it all off.

(Pete A) #52

It would hold meaning if it was only going up! :slight_smile:

Nice job everyone!!!


Thanks, that’s great advice, I’m going to leave the scales with a friend for a week to get out of the habit of using them. I know they mess with my head but staying off them in the morning is proving difficult!
I didn’t expect to feel this good from eating clean whole food, I love not stressing over clothes not fitting but I really love the settled/confident feeling Keto has brought. I can now continue my life plan that my health stopped 14 months ago, that’s priceless, I’m tremendously grateful.x

(Robin) #54

Yes, it is priceless. And, “putting your life on hold” is the perfect phrase!
The older I get the more I realize time is fleeting. (So hard not to break into the whole Time Warp song here.)

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I have a lot of those moments. One of the best songs ever too.

(Robin) #56

Now it’s stuck in my head…… again.

(KCKO, KCFO) #57

Tell me about it, I have been humming it and even dancing it a bit.

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I am stalled but at a number that doesn’t upset me. Still going to continue the timed window of eating for another week and see what happens, this could be just a blip. Also, I got distressing news about a dear friend, so I think my worry/stress level might have something to do with this.

I have upped my magnesium game. And I slept through the night and was really rested this morning, no muscle issues at all. I no longer use mag. citrate, I use Glycinate now, I think this is working well for me. .

How are the rest of you doing this month? Any wins, losses, happy news, or anything else to share?


I will tell what happened to me weight wise as I will eventually weigh myself I suppose… But seeing the same number for years gets old, I forget to do it for several weeks at a time and now I focus on my pants anyway.
My pretty (okay, it’s worn now and it’s probably its last season. still prettier than whatever I wore all summer, I run out of proper pants but my hate towards clothes shopping is nearly infinite) pair of jeans with a flower and butterfly embroidery (but it’s modest, I dislike girly things. well butterflies are butterflies, not exactly girly but kinda?)… That I used to wear all last summer and couldn’t this summer because I got just a wee bit thicker (with the same weight)… That one. I can wear in again. With long thick socks or embracing the Winhof method (still didn’t look it up properly, I just take cold showers and now I go out scantily clad in 12C sometimes… That is a tad low, sleeveless shirts are more like for 14C if you ask me) it will serve me well in the next months… Or at least until I can fit into my proper length but less cute looking gray pants. I can wear it now but it’s a tad tight. Just a tad.
Why I am THIS chatty about things not even related to food now (as I talk about food walls of texts all the time on this forum)…

I am quite sure I already have the right method and just need to get my stuff together! I have more and more proper days now. Yesterday I ate a ton but still didn’t overeat and today probably became an OMAD, I was so satiated until so long and had a proper sized meal, not my now-usual smallish ones! (Now-usual is a word now, sorry, it is.)
I always had and needed substantial meals but carnivore changed a lot of things. It’s so good to get my proper sized meals back, much more convenient.

(KCKO, KCFO) #60

Off the stall. I was surprised, I’ve had a couple of really stressful days, DH had a heart attack and needed stents put in. They placed two in and he will have to go back to get a third one in a different location. Oh the joys of hanging out in an ICU.

I hope everyone else is having more fun than me right now.


Sorry to hear this Collaroygal. Hope DH is ok and that things settle down soon. :hugs:


Oh I hope things will get as good as they can in this situation soon! (I don’t know much about stents.)

Fun? Not me, my last living blood relative, my aunt died yesterday (or the previous night), I didn’t want to mention it but if we are at the topic of negative news, I can’t stop myself…

I don’t feel I am in a big risk of overeating right now. But I eat well enough, it’s important. One meal a day sounds good, it takes a long time to get enough appetite (like zero, that works) to be able to eat every day. Food is just far away from me now though cooking is a nice semi-distraction.

(Central Florida Bob ) #63

So sorry to hear that. Talk about stress and cortisol levels … YIKES!!!

Prayers for you both.

(KCKO, KCFO) #64

Sorry for your loss @Shinita Just remember the good times you had with her.

@CFLBob, yes, stress is still a bit out of control. But I am doing better now that he is home. Lots of adjustments. We got several lectures on eat your fruits and veggie, no saturated fats, etc. They also were down on salt, guess they don’t bother learning anything. I did win with the statin they are giving him, it is water soluable, and is the safest variety. But if he gets the muscle pain issue again, he tried them years ago, as high chol. runs in his family, but could not tolerate them.

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Time for October’s Maintenance … closing this one down.

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