Self reflection

(Jessica) #1

I realize that I have A VERY hard time fasting through breakfast if I make my kids bacon :bacon: :heartbeat:. What’s your weakness?

(Laurie) #3

Literally, weakness. If I feel tired or stressed or a little “under the weather,” I’m tempted. . . .


Doing things that I associate with snacking like settling in for a movie.

(Carl Keller) #5

I do a lot of baking at work… cakes, desserts, cobblers, puddings, blondies. The smells when they are in the oven are pure evil. It’s not that I have an urge to eat them anymore, it’s just that the aromas are so stimulating.

(Scarlett Hyde) #6

Fruit… I love fruit, being a Moroccan, we always associate fruits with every meal. So a nice box of blueberries is my biggest weakness, because when I begin, I need someone to knock me out unconscious to get me away from the blueberries, I do eat berries when I can fit them in my carbs but it’s really hard to stop eating so I literally have to put some berries in a separate bowl and hide the rest. It’s a daily struggle.


Chocolate. I lose all control. I take one piece and before I know it the whole package is gone. I am 2 days sober :wink:

(Natasha) #8

Any kind of desserts. I’ve made a couple of keto friendly things over the past 4 months and if there are any leftovers I just obsess about them (think wanting them for breakfast etc) until I’ve eaten everything. This has made me realise that treats and desserts need to continue being very occasional

(Regina) #9

Corn tortillas. Tamales. I will eat one or two once a month. I’ve dreamt of garlic bread, but have not had bread in 8 months.

(Regina) #10

OMG wait! If I don’t retract that statement people who have read my other threads will bust me. Yes, four or five English muffins! Which were totally not worth it. They were a delivery system for bacon and cheese and butter. But never again. If one is going to off-plan, make it delicious. My justification for the tortillas and the tamales is I get them home made from ladies who use real lard, and no fake foods. I am hoping that corn masala is a step up from wheat flour.


Some of the staff at work are beginning to think I’m like the witch in Hansel & Gretel . . . I’m living vicariously by buying them intriguing carbage and asking if it’s any good. Other than that I’m generally fine unless I smell toast, or freshly baked bread (oh, and seriously why, after I go Keto does homemade sourdough bread become available in my small town?).

I’m going to experiment with a few ‘faux foods’ and see how I go.


Chocolate fudge and homemade ice cream. Kryptonite that must be avoided or I just succumb.