Self reflection

(Jessica) #1

I realize that I have A VERY hard time fasting through breakfast if I make my kids bacon :bacon: :heartbeat:. What’s your weakness?

(Laurie) #3

Literally, weakness. If I feel tired or stressed or a little “under the weather,” I’m tempted. . . .

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #4

Doing things that I associate with snacking like settling in for a movie.

(Carl Keller) #5

I do a lot of baking at work… cakes, desserts, cobblers, puddings, blondies. The smells when they are in the oven are pure evil. It’s not that I have an urge to eat them anymore, it’s just that the aromas are so stimulating.

(Scarlett Hyde) #6

Fruit… I love fruit, being a Moroccan, we always associate fruits with every meal. So a nice box of blueberries is my biggest weakness, because when I begin, I need someone to knock me out unconscious to get me away from the blueberries, I do eat berries when I can fit them in my carbs but it’s really hard to stop eating so I literally have to put some berries in a separate bowl and hide the rest. It’s a daily struggle.


Chocolate. I lose all control. I take one piece and before I know it the whole package is gone. I am 2 days sober :wink:

(Natasha) #8

Any kind of desserts. I’ve made a couple of keto friendly things over the past 4 months and if there are any leftovers I just obsess about them (think wanting them for breakfast etc) until I’ve eaten everything. This has made me realise that treats and desserts need to continue being very occasional

(Queen of Random) #9

Corn tortillas. Tamales. I will eat one or two once a month. I’ve dreamt of garlic bread, but have not had bread in 8 months.

(Queen of Random) #10

OMG wait! If I don’t retract that statement people who have read my other threads will bust me. Yes, four or five English muffins! Which were totally not worth it. They were a delivery system for bacon and cheese and butter. But never again. If one is going to off-plan, make it delicious. My justification for the tortillas and the tamales is I get them home made from ladies who use real lard, and no fake foods. I am hoping that corn masala is a step up from wheat flour.


Some of the staff at work are beginning to think I’m like the witch in Hansel & Gretel . . . I’m living vicariously by buying them intriguing carbage and asking if it’s any good. Other than that I’m generally fine unless I smell toast, or freshly baked bread (oh, and seriously why, after I go Keto does homemade sourdough bread become available in my small town?).

I’m going to experiment with a few ‘faux foods’ and see how I go.


Chocolate fudge and homemade ice cream. Kryptonite that must be avoided or I just succumb.

(Jessica) #13

Thought about this Sat as we took the kids to see the new Wreck it Ralph movie. While they ate pop corn and candy, I ate this!


Cool, a lot better option than carbage, and although it’s tempting - pork crackle is freakishly noisy to eat!