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I have been Keto for about 2 and a half years shedding about 120 lbs so far with another 80 or so to go. I am beginning to explore more of a carnivore diet. I have done some research and for the most part, it seems like it will be a fairly smooth transition for me.

Please correct any misinformation:

  1. It is my understanding that I should mainly be eating ruminant animals (beef, buffalo, lamb…) and some seafood. I am assuming that deer and elk would fall within those guidelines. Is there a reason that beef seems to be the primary meat for most people, other than it’s availability and cost? I am not much of a fan of seafood (taste and cost) is it okay to bypass this “food group”?

  2. I understand that chicken and pork can also be consumed, but not as frequently due to the fat profiles, or something like that. How do wild goose and duck rank? I know that wild meat is much leaner than beef, so I have been adding butter to taste, is this enough? With 80 lbs to go, I figure I got plenty of energy in my stores to pull from.

  3. Since transitioning to carnivore I have stayed OMAD during the week, and TMAD on the weekends. I find any extended fasting too difficult. Is this common? While doing regular keto I could do 72-96 h fasts weekly or every other week, just depending on how I felt, and what was going on in my life.

Thanks for any insights and advice.

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Hi Amanda, and welcome back!

(Susan) #3

Welcome back to the forum; Amanda. Congrats on your 120 pounds lost so far; that is fantastic!!

I wish you great success with the rest of your 80 pounds to go. I eat way more meats as my main food, but I am not a Carnivore, so not offering advice, but I wanted to cheer you on and congrats you on your progress so far.

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Just curious. “Hive-minded”?

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While you’re waiting for the true carnivores to reply, I will venture to comment on #3. I have noticed that carnivore is a different “system” from keto. One difference is that fasting – even intermittent fasting – is not part of it. (That is a generalization; I believe that some carnivores do fast.)



I just recorded a two part episode with Amber O’Hearn last night! It will be out early 2021 but it was a carnivore 101 type episode so you will find it useful. She is my go to carnivore person because a) she is very knowledgeable on the subject but also b) just really nice! I like her approach which is less about “rules” and more about giving people the information they need to find their own best way to do things.

You might like to listen to her other episodes:

She also has great information on her website:

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Here is my opinion, based on science and common sence, nonetheless an opinion.

1 yes it is ok to bypass an aminal food group.
I do not agree with the idea that one is SIGNIFICANTLY better then the other, lamb an pork are just as good as beef. Fish, chicken, beef etc are so much better than junkfood that it doesnt matter witch one yoh choose.
Dairy, eggs are up there with the meat and fish.
I do believe its good to eat a variety for the micro nutrients, so Im a big fan of noise to tail. Also a mix of all different animals is good.

  1. Wild goose and duck is leaner, so when you eat them you will eat less fat and more protein, it does’t realy matter either, it so much helthier than junk food, the differences between chicken and duck become irrelevant.

3 I live TMAD and enjoy exploring the carnivore way of life, there is lots of variety and simplicity at the same time. Omad is great to loose weight. :+1:
Your post just inspired me to cook a lean duck, wrapped in greasy bacon and stuffed with ground lamb, lets experiment and explore. :sunglasses:

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It’s just that the long-term carnivores have seen tens of thousands of people come through the forums and Facebook groups and deliberately abstaining from food when you’re hungry seems to be a recipe for failure almost all the time. Most people tend to fall into two meals a day but even those of us that do might eat six times the next day. It’s learning how to trust your body and to feed it when it’s asking for food and that is homeostasis and less stress and intuitive.

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Hi Amanda, I am a relatively recent carnivore. I went from mostly carnivore to total carnivore about 3.5 months ago. The amount of plants I ate was minuscule, so I didn’t think there would really be any difference, but there was.

It was almost like when I went from SAD to keto but not quite as dramatic. I lost water weight, was very thirsty, yadda, yadda. But for me, it also caused oxalate dumping about two weeks into my transition. Each month has been a little better, but I am still having dumping episodes every few weeks.

I had a hard time eating the recommended amount of meat at first. The “experts” recommend about two pounds a day. Over time I’m up to about 1.5 - 2 pounds, but most likely closer to the 1.5 pounds most days.

My hunger signals are different. Sometimes I feel nauseous and that means I need to eat. :woman_shrugging: Also, I tend to eat 2MAD and rarely OMAD on the days I don’t exercise. It’s 3MAD when I strength train.

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Hive-mind: accessing the communal knowledge, rather than researching myself

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Also known as: “all of us together are smarter than any of us by ourself.” A debatable proposition: sometimes true, sometimes not.


I am no carnivore but try to stay close as often as comfortably possible and I am usually quite enthusiastic. First I didn’t want to answer but maybe even my comment can have some value. I won’t give full answers, I am not that knowledgeable.

But I’ve read about pork as it’s my favorite and it seems the breed and feeding and probably other factors are quite important, they change the fat part somehow. It’s quite known these things usually matter in meat but I’ve read about huge differences regarding pork.

I personally never eat beef (okay, a little bit now and then) as I can’t afford it (the village butcher didn’t even have beef when I visited. only chicken and pork) but I don’t even like it very much (admittedly, I have very little experience with it). Seafood has little variety and wildly expensive so that is out too. I eat almost exclusively pork and fowls as they are the widely available and affordable and I enjoy them. I love mutton (expensive but awesome) but it’s not easy to find it. Deer is nice too. I even eat rabbit sometimes, it’s the only lean meat I like, I add some fat, of course but I couldn’t depend on lean meat, personally. I surely will change these things later but even when I ate little meat (early days, I couldn’t help it) but skipped plants, I experienced instant benefits. And later others as well. According to my experiences, no matter what I do on carnivore (I obviously don’t do many things. I eat enough, I have variety, now I eat as much meat as I fancy…), it’s already better than adding carbs. Making things better is my goal but the current situation is already pretty nice.
You have more options? Great, of course find your ideal one, I just say that “mostly ruminant” carnivore isn’t necessarily the only or best way. (Fortunately. I would be doomed.)

EF wasn’t easy for me even on keto so I don’t know about that.
I do IF (it’s natural to me) but it’s all about my hunger and satiation. I don’t force anything. My body tells me if it wants fuel and what kind and I oblige if I know what is good for me :wink: “When I am hungry, I eat” was my rule number one all my life, what to eat is trickier but I start to get the hang of it. (This rule is about the hungry situation, it says nothing about my eating when I am not hungry.)
If things go well as they should, it’s great. You feel when you need to eat, you do it and you reach perfect satiation and you don’t need to worry about eating for a while again. It’s very chill, I love that. But it’s not always that easy, at least in the beginning… Still better than all my old woe and I loved them at some point.

Good luck! I hope you will have very good experiences.

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I do feel like extended fasts on strict carnivore is a little overkill. There’s already enough going on for fat loss without needing to throw in two-day fasts. Especially since part of the idea with carnivore is upgrading your nutrition by eating more superfoods. Skipping too many meals feels counterintuitive to that.


super late to this thread but it is good to have zc info addressed for anyone else lurking or whatever to read the info.

Wishing you the continued best on your journey!