SCiO Molecular Scanner

(Doug Morris) #1

So I backed this gadget on Kickstarter over two years ago and today it actually arrived!

It’s a handheld spectrometer. Of most interest to this group here perhaps, is that it can measure your body fat % and identify the nutritional value of some foods.

So far, I’ve measured my body fat % ('twas little bit higher than I would like but probably accurate:grinning:) and scanned my lunch. I’m impressed. Below is a scan of some Parmesan Cheese.

Any ideas for what else I should scan? Anyone else have one of these?

(Brian Miller) #2

Interesting to see how your review after you’ve used it some.

(Doug Morris) #3

FYI. I’ve added some more info to my original post since your reply.


Very, very cool!!! I want one!

(Meeping up the Science!) #5

…how did I not know this existed?? Omg.

SCAN ALL THE THINGS. I would drive the entire neighborhood insane. I would scan bread, cats, children, turtles. EVERYTHING WILL BE SCANNED BEFORE ME.

Perhaps I’m a wee bit too enthusiastic?

(Dawn) #6

Put that on my wishlist. I would go wild scanning everything.


This ^^

Must. Have. More. Gadgets.


“* Select the best quality produce from the produce stand…”

OMG it’s an avocado ripeness detection device (ARDD) too!

(Jacquie) #9

@doug. My hubby, the techie, supported this on Kickstarter over two years ago, and ours should be coming today. Very excited! :slight_smile:

(Jacquie) #10

SCiO didn’t come today. When the tracking isn’t updated, it means that it’s probably sitting at Canadian customs. It’s then anybody’s guess as to when it arrives. :frowning:

(Jacquie) #11

Don’t have our SCiO yet. Still in Canadian customs for whatever reason. They say they are providing a ‘service’. Not sure what that service actually is or whom it is for. :wink: Colour me skeptical.

(Jacquie) #12

Our SCiO just came in the mail and is presently charging. :grin:

(Doug Morris) #13

Cool! Let us know what you think.
As it stands, the app is quite limited in what can be scanned so I haven’t found much use for mine yet but it’s certainly some interesting technology. I do plan to use it weekly to track my body fat %.

(Jacquie) #14

I will. :slight_smile: