Schoolyard snacks

(Karen) #1

About $2.08 per bag (26 g) but you buy in 24 bag bundles.

Anyone try these. I have a weakness for Cheetos. I know they’re not whole food. Sigh

(Laurie) #2

No, I haven’t. I guess you’ve read the ingredients (if not, scroll down the page).

Have you tried parmesan Whisps? They are hard as rock – not airy like Cheetos – but they might hit the spot.


I agree with Laurie. You can even DIY them. A microwave makes them super quickly, but you can also do them in an oven but you need to watch them carefully they go from done to burned quickly.

Here is a good place to learn to do them.

I do a batch or two at a time and use snack bags to keep the serving size down, easy to over eat these.

Cheese crackers
(Bob M) #4

We use cheese “puffs”. Had some last night in my chili. They give a good “crunch”.

The kind we got were round, though.