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Caliper measurements are supposed to be the most accurate measure of body composition, but only when taken by someone who is well-trained and skilled at it. Good luck with that!

DEXA scans are supposed to be really accurate, too, but they can be deceived if the patient is either over- or under-hydrated.

BMI is a joke. There is supposed to be a method of measurement that involves being weighed in a tank of water. I have no idea how they do it, or if it’s accurate at all.

Conclusion: It’s probably not a good idea to get too obsessive about this stuff.

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Calipers Are Not The Most Accurate

The degree of accuracy, as you noted, is dependent on how good the Technician is.

The foundation of Skinfold Calipers was built on data from Hydrostatic Underwater Weighting.

The data from Hydrostatic Underwater Weighting came originally from the dissection of five (5) cadavers. Obviously, these cadavers were nor normal healthy individual. However, the data collected was used to determine body fat percentages for normal, healthy individual. How much sense does that make?

With that in mind…

Dissection is the most accurate method of determining an individual body fat percentage.

The Law of Large Numbers

The most accurate method of ensuring the research data is correct is having a large population of study subjects. The larger the number the greater the accuracy of the study statistics.

The lower the number, the more questionable the reliability of the data.

The dissection of five (5) cadavers is a very low number. Thus, it accuracy is questionable. .

Ethnic Groups and Age

One of the issue with Skinfold Caliper Formula is that formula for whites didn’t work as well for blacks or other groups.

Also, age modifies the determinate when it come to measuring body fat percentage.

While I am sure there have been some improvement in the formula for Skinfold Caliper Body Fat Measurements, there is still a plus or minus factor.

Final Thought

As you and Bob put it…

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I’ve been in that tank. Interesting experience at about 17 years old. It was as part of a scientific study. I have the vaguest memories that my number was the highest in my group, and that was very embarrassing at 17.

Before the dunking they ask you to walk around the courtyard and “expel any air from the bowel”. :woman_facepalming:


Just my 2-cents worth: The only truly accurate scale is, as others have said, the one with the weights that used to be in the old-fashioned Dr.s offices (balance beam style). My mom had one of those because she was an obsessive dieter and weighed herself every day, or even several times per day. It took up a lot of room and was a pain in the butt. If you don’t have that one, there’s really no point in replacing your scale because none of them are very accurate.

And, here’s the basic reality: “accurate” is all relative. We’re not talking body “mass”, we’re talking “weight”, which is a function of gravity, itself. " In scientific contexts, mass is the amount of “matter” in an object (though “matter” may be difficult to define), whereas weight is the force exerted on an object by gravity." So, weight fluctuates, not only IN the body, but by where the body IS.

The only really good way to use a scale is to NOT WEIGH YOURSELF VERY OFTEN. That’s the only thing that really works. Don’t get back on the scale after taking your weight, “just to check it”. Just take the weight it gives you, write it down if you need to, and don’t weigh yourself more than 1x per week. 1x per/ 2 weeks or 1x/ month is actually better. You weight fluctuates from hour to hour anyway. If I get up and go the the bathroom, then get on the scale naked, I’ll have one weight. If I then brush my teeth and take a couple of pills with water, my weight will then be different. It can, literally, be the difference of a full pound.

The weight on a scale is not truly reflective of your size or your health. It’s just a number. If you want to see it go down, and you are doing everything that you need to do correctly (diet, exercise, meditation, whatever), the less you weigh yourself, the more “accurate” it will be.

BTW, I got my current scale at Costco. It’s fine. Yours is fine as well.

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Re whether to check your weight again immediately: Some digital scales give mysterious readings the first time. Maybe it shows the air pressure or humidity; I don’t know. When I had one of these, I’d get on 3 times and believe the last reading.

Now I have an old-fashioned mechanical scale, with rusty springs inside I guess. Whatever.

I’ve never been super concerned with my weight anyway. I care more about health, how I look, and whether I can fit into normal clothing sizes. I just have the scale so I can participate in discussions where weight is mentioned.