Sauna & Keto

(David) #1

I have always enjoyed sauna through the year and a couple if years ago built a traditional Finnish sauna and soon after began going lower carb. For me it really seems to compliment each other but you really have to keep up with your hydration. I find that my sauna time is good for calming stress and relaxing and has helped with my weight loss. I was curious to know if others have sauna (infrared or traditional) and like me considered it helpful.

(Jacquie) #2

I’ve got an infrared sauna and love it! The only negative for me is that I can’t use my Kindle in there. I see mixed information on line and don’t want to take a chance with it…

(David) #3

I understand about the kindle! I do have a small Sonos play one on the floor (concrete) that stays cool so I do listen to relaxing / meditation type music which seems to help. Richards music to code by might also be good but I have yet to try that.

(G. Andrew Duthie) #4

MTCB is actually @carl’s thing.

(David) #5

Oops - my bad! I had a 50/50 shot :grinning:

(jketoscribe) #6

My husband bought an infrared sauna with his workers comp settlement money and it has been the biggest factor in his recovery because it gives him great pain relief.

I hop in once or twice a week. It doesn’t help
with weight loss, but if I have any aches or pains or feel like I’m fighting a bug it really helps. I sleep really well after a “schvitz”. On these cold winter nights I can’t seem to warm up but after a sauna I feel like I radiate heat into the next day.

(Jacquie) #7

Agree! I prefer the dry heat from the infrared sauna. I’m pretty active outdoors in better weather and it does work wonders with aches and pains.

(Jenny) #8

I take my phone in my infrared sauna with no issues. :blush: