Samosa’s Accountability and Progress (and general support now)


(Take Control Momma) #62

Thanks for the suggestion and support! Even though we don’t have Walmart’s here yet… where there’s a will there’s a way! Will look into it. TIL cacao is not cocoa. And u meant the powder not the choc made from it…right? thanks :smile:


There may be bars of baking chocolate in the baking isle. Some use that as dark chocolate. Same thing, just marketed differently. I also do buy the cacao powder to put in my coffee sometimes. Or in whipping cream.

(Take Control Momma) #64

That I know we have… but isn’t that industrial chocolate? Preservatives n all?

(Sam H) #65

Cheers! I probably have a year so hopefully I can see it by then!

(Sam H) #66

Progress definitely has slowed! I’m fine with scales that creep down. Everyone noticing the difference which has the bigger friends/family asking about it.

By the sounds of it, my body shape will change a bit faster than the scales so all looking positive!

My lovely girlfriend has also noticed. She can’t maintain her disagreements with all the science words I throw at her (hopefully I get it right too). Her biggest concern now is that I’ve told her I can’t have her mums homemade pasta sauce (we put it in/on everything) because I don’t know how much sugar/carbs is in it… the disappointment haha!

(Bunny) #67

I know quite a few people who can barely walk who are diabetic or at the onset of getting diabetes, and if you try to say anything about ketosis, low carb LCHF they get angry and lose their mind and try to beat you up, the fact remains they are simply sheep of the food pyramid.

At the United States Department of Indian Health Services IHS I am given a dietary consultation by my Doctor after my appointment with a 400 pound obese nurse telling me how to eat correctly? :thinking: Kidney Dialysis machines are like a forrest at these government run Native American Hospitals!

All the nurses are pushing that kind of weight I joke you not!

(You cannot outrun a bad diet) #68

How peculiar, as I’ve found myself in this situation. Mind you, they asked, I didn’t volunteer my regimen. Ironically, my defensive friends bring up news stories about failed celebrity attempts, as if that’s meaningful in any way.

I do empathize with the emotional scars of being obese. Letting go of pastries is too hard a row to hoe for some, and they want to believe that they haven’t been misinformed?

(When in doubt, keep your carbs under 20g) #69

This is just sad beyond words. It truly breaks my heart.

Makes me think of that saying, “Toes are better than fries.”

(Janelle) #70

I had an evening job while I was at university working at a uniform store for nurses and other professions. We didn’t even need to special order 3X sizing and double wide shoes. We carried them standard because most medical professionals were very large.

A nurse friend in Seattle is fairly short and weighs 350? I don’t even know how she handles her shifts. I care about her but I always think - these experts should know about nutrition, shouldn’t they?

(When in doubt, keep your carbs under 20g) #71

:man_shrugging: It boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

(it's official - I'm forked) #72

Look, celebrities are better than you. In every way. Why else would they be deified?


(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #73

Hmm, “fried toes” . . . “Fritos” . . . coincidence? I THINK NOT!

(Sam H) #74

Just an update. I’m still creeping down with weight but very slow progress! I assume that’s normal from the other information on here.

I stopped drinking for 6 weeks but got engaged on the weekend so cut loose to say the least. Minimal impact but trying to climb back onto the wagon is a bit tough but will at least try to keep to low carb drinks.

So far so good all in all. Starting to play with fasting but less than 24hrs…just feeling that one out.

(John) #75

I have found that a 24-hour fast is very easy to accomplish. You just have to skip 2 meals in a row, plus get a normal amount of sleep. I know a lof of people skip breakfast but I love breakfast, so usually I will eat a hearty breakfast, then skip lunch and dinner, until breakfast the next day.

Or you can do lunch-to-lunch, which means on day 1 you get 2 meals (breakfast and lunch), and day 2 you get 2 meals (lunch and dinner). Just make sure to not eat the last meal later than normal and the fast-breaking meal early.

(Les Dugay) #76

Sammy, I have been doing keto for a little over 4 months. I have gotten a lot of resistance from most of the family, but like others have said, results speak for themselves. With my wife, we both work at home, and I typically cook the meals, because I am trying new things. What I have finally ended up doing is make one keto dish and one carb dish. We both are happy and there is a lot less discussion. KCKO. Ciao

(Sam H) #77

Who knew getting engaged would lead to slipping off the diet!! I spent the first 6 weeks really strict including no alcohol but I got engaged mid-November and of course the champagne comes out…and hard to say no to your own celebratory drinks!! Which turned into a weekend of celebrations of course!

I’ve stay good on the food front but I have to reset the drinking side. I seem to have a problem, I’m either no drinks or as many drinks as I can fit!! I may need to still have a few drinks at Xmas but I’m going to swap to whiskeys straight or vodka/soda/lime but special occasions only!!

Only slip up I’ve had on food was one meal. Nachos. Delicious but did not leave me feeling too well — which is great! Love that my body doesn’t like it when I eat the wrong thing!!

So. 9th Nov is Part 2: Day 1. I’m not resetting my count but I’ve got to pull myself a bit more together. Got a wedding that I gotta shred for!! I’ve never taken my six pack out of the eski, time to see if it’s possible!!!

(Laurie) #78

Congratulations on getting engaged! Anything like that can mess things up a bit, even if it’s a good thing.

I’m kind of a black-and-white thinker myself. Not drinking works fine for me, and I have no problem saying NO. You have a different strategy, and I hope it works for you.

Good luck getting shredded for the wedding. When is it?

(Sam H) #79

I have 15 months. Plenty of time you’d think!!?

(Laurie) #80

If I recall correctly, you only have a few more kg to go. You can do it! Good luck.

(Sam H) #81

If I lost 10kg more I’d be stoked!! The lightest I’ve been as an adult (13yrs ago) was 90kg but I think early 90s would be fine…I think I have found more muscles since then.

I have definitely stalled though but I’m not feeling down, just playing a bit with how often I eat - I think I still stick to eating times but I need to cut back so there is room for improvement for sure!! Way better than not knowing how to work on a problem!!

Had a surf lesson today. So much fun! Recommend it!