Salutations from a Morbidly Obese Middle Aged Newbie

(Denise) #21

I was 68 when I started Marge, the first thing I did was clean out my fridge and cupboards of anything not Keto-friendly, especially high-carbs, sugar. I figured if I didn’t buy it I couldn’t eat it. I cook all my own meals, probably always will. I reversed my T2 Diabetes, and got way healthier, began to walk once in while but not early on in my Keto journey. I do not believe you have to exercise to lose weight, but later on as the months rolled by, and the weight came off, I just wanted to get active.

I believe food adjustments first of all are most important, they were for me, as I’m pretty sure I could have harmed myself by trying to do much exercise, just easy does it, and stick around here. There’s always been so much support here and we need that. I just came back in today as I really missed it, and being around others of the same mind!! Welcome, so very glad you are here, Denise


Marge, I encourage you to read Velvet’s post. And Velvet, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your chronically of weight loss. I found it inspiring not so much for your successes (which are considerable) but for your attitude and respect for your body, especially the stalls.

It sustained me when I kept at the same weight for weeks. You have really given me a gift. “Required reading” IMHO.


I’m doing good! Still hanging in there​:+1::+1:

(Luke) #24

Hi Marge. The best thing about Keto is you can start right now , right this second and see improvements literally with in days. I started keto to see if it would take away my anxiety , and received many other health benefits. A little bit of tough love here , but if I was obese, high cholesterol, arthritic a prime candidate for heart disease , I would definitely jump on keto and ASAP. I would do it strictly at first and your weight will fall off you especially at the start , reduce your inflammation and pain and you will be feeling much better soon. Take the hydration salts they help a lot, have a walk each day , what you can manage. Embrace your health and you will stick with this. It’s what matters most. Forgot to add Marge , that this may reverse your diabetes…. Winning. :+1:t2: Good luck.

(Luke) #25

Get plenty of those keto friendly veggies and salads in Marge…:+1:t2::+1:t2: Good luck. I’m excited for you.

(Jane) #26

When my hubby and I split up shopping, he just looks around the perimeter of the store to find me :grin:

Early on he might find me on the chip aisle gasp looking for pork rinds. They were helpful early on to satisfy the crunch but we are over 5 years out and don’t eat them much anymore.

Or the spaghetti sauce aisle buying no-sugar Rao marinara sauce or alfredo sauce. We don’t eat pasta but sometimes sub shredded cabbage or just eat the sauce and meat by itself.

Good luck and know that stalls are normal and it is just your body adjusting. It will pass, so be patient and take the attitude of you are in this for the long haul.

The great thing about keto is when you are in a stall you aren’t hungry so easy to weather. Unlike low calorie, low fat diets I was STARVING and not losing weight so easy to get discouraged and give up.

Good luck on your journey! I came for the weight loss and stayed for the health benefits.

(Chuck) #27

I was 74 when I started this journey this last September. I was obese, I started out with keto, couldn’t adhere to that low of carbs, but I can handle low carb and fasting 18 to 23 hours a day. I am still overweight but I feel so much better and I am so much healthier and have an energy level I haven’t known in years. I may be able to get to a normal weight this time. But I admit that my normal weight may not be a normal weight by BMI chart standards. I have actually reached the goal I Set out to achieve by being able to wear my cowboy cut jeans, and also size 34 jeans. But I am not going to relax because I seem to still have weight that I should lose. So I will be fasting the rest of my life.

(Kirk Wolak) #28

It’s not the food. It’s not you. It’s “Your Coping Buddy”…

Until you find an HONEST replacement for YCP (Your Copoing Buddy), know that
your risk of relapse is high. [Dr. Cywes refers to going low carb as “Killing your Best Friend”.
And while he is being provocative, I don’t like the phrase. I would never kill my best friend!]

I would, however, recognize that the “Coping Buddy” who meets me at the bar, every day after work… Is likely NOT HELPING me kick alcohol.

And I would very much be willing to “Find a New Coping Buddy”.
Straight up. In fact, as I’ve been at this longer and longer, and run into other health issues.
I know that changing my Relationship with Food as AS IMPORTANT as changing the food itself.
Low-Carb just makes it CLEAR who your “Friends are”.

Real Friends can change your mood, too… They just don’t hijack your dopamine system, and keep you addicted.

So, like Dr. Cywes, I am going to encourage you to develop some relationships you can lean on. Some coping buddies. Have ONE or TWO people you can CALL and maybe “Get outside and walk” while talking. Have them set a timer for 15-30 minutes. Whatever they have, and vent it out.

One HUGE change I made was loading my YT videos to my phone, and WALKING while listening (I don’t watch the screens anyways). This gets me OUTSIDE for an hour. It helps me “cope” with my day.

Finally, a “snack” is an emotional event. This is another Dr. Cywes comments.
He is right on. I know that when I “need” a snack, I am actually “getting a high” or “changing my mood”. This is powerful:
S - See whats bothering you
N - Name the Feelings (don’t avoid them, name them)
A - Acknowledge that it is a Feeling, and be with it until it passes
C - Count it down. It takes about 10-15 minutes (eventually less). Vacuum/Walk. Do something.
K - Know that this gets easier if you get consistent

I love acrossticks… Place that WHERE YOU GO TO JONES for stuff…

Finally. Find a better why. Losing weight isn’t enough, as proven by your regain.
Dr. Boz mentions that when she changed her why to “Saving her moms life, by fasting with her”,
the height of the mountains she was willing to overcome were much higher. An excellent why is a great key.

I hope this helps!

(Robin) #29

This all RIGHT ON!

(cheryl) #30

It’s NEVER too late! You have found the right group here. Start one day at a time.


Well here I am doing this and it’s not bad at all. I “accidentally “ fasted for 21hours because I simply was not hungry!!! I last ate dinner at 6pm last night- fried hamburger and cabbage- and have not eaten any solid food since. I’ve been drinking my salted water, had my usual 3 cups of coffee with a tad of hwc this morning, and decided to wait until I was hungry to eat. Well it’s 3:52 pm here on the east coast and guess what? I’m still not hungry! I did a lot of yard work and porch clean up today and had plenty of energy. I feel better than I have in quite some time. Going to eat some shrimp and cabbage for dinner around 6pm with lots of butter. Does this mean I’m in ketosis? I went to Dairy Queen and got my spouse a blizzard and I had no temptation at all to get anything. I’m so excited and do thankful for all of you here to support me and give me encouragement! I don’t get much from my family because they are so used to my on again off again dieting and they don’t believe I can do this keto life change. But I think I can and I feel great.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #32

You probably are in ketosis, or you’d be starving. Congratulations! That’s the way to fast, in my book, wait till it happens, not forcing it.


I’m proud of you! You’ve made it, it gets easier from here on out. :+1:

(B Creighton) #34

Hi Marge, and welcome. If you start with the goal of losing weight, I feel you are more likely to relapse once you achieve that goal or come close to it. However, if you start with the goal of only improving your health, and finding a way of eating to do that, I think you are more likely to achieve lasting weight loss as well, because you will have to eat this way the rest of your life to maintain the weight loss. I now focus on quality foods, and have stayed within 5 pounds of my lowest weight - I am now within 2 or 3 pounds. I am currently low carb, and not strict keto, but I eat to satiety, and enjoy my food. Today, however was a cheat day as we went out for our 28th, and went to a buffet. All is not lost though, as I know tomorrow I will be back eating my usual whole foods at home…

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #35

Remember to check in here Marge. We like to hear success stories and you will be one of those.
It’s very achievable.
Knowing you’re in Ketosis can be really encouraging. Seeing purple test strips means good things will happen.

(Chris) #36

Awesome! Let everyone know when you change your user name to MARGE!