(Christopher Henning) #1

So I hear on Keto you are supposed to increase your salt intake. I am on blood pressure meds and salt makes my blood pressure spike. You don’t suggest increasing salt under these circumstances do you?

(Ross Daniel) #2

Phinney and Volek talk about the need for sodium increases on a LCHF diet and they make mention of folks with high blood pressure needing to titrate down and eventually come off their blood pressure meds because you will become far less hypertensive as your kidneys begin to properly flush your body of excessive fluids and electrolytes. With that said, ideally you’d want to do this under supervision of your doctor to be safe.

(Kipp Howard) #3

I was on the boarder-line of hypertension a few years ago and was told to limit my salt intake and also lower my weight. At the time I really didn’t know how to lower my weight much but I did notice that when I was able to lower my weight by 5-10 lbs, it did have a positive effect. I ended up getting a less stressful job, so that helped. After I found LCHF, and lowering my weight, 33lbs down at this point, has helped my blood pressure. When I started this diet, I noticed that when I was low on salt, I tended to get headaches so I’d have more drinks with salt.

You will need to have a “moderate” amount of salt (re: Phinney and Volek: but remember that your body is dumping salt while you are in nutritional ketosis. See Scientific description of how salt is used during nutritional ketosis for some links to salt and ketosis.

I would think that you need to be careful and track your blood pressure and salt intake (both you can do with and see how your body reacts to salt as you are on the diet. The question is what is “moderate” for your body? I’m sure it is different for everyone.