Salt, electrolytes, and afib


365lb male (that’s 35 pounds less than I used to be). Fourth time rebooting keto in 1.5 years. Diagnosed with occasional afib 2 years ago. Mostly only occurred when traveling (stress, probably dehydration). I can go months on my regular junk food/salty snacks diet and never feel a strange beat.

Without fail, on keto, a few weeks in, I will go in to afib, often multiple times a week, lasting for 2-6 hours (longest was 14). Always late evening/over night.

Thought it was my meds so I had Lisinopril HCTZ changed to just Lisinopril, and then began tapering off. Also tapered off my Beta Blocker (coreg). Previsoly on keto, with the dose of coreg I was on, my HR would fall by at least 10 points. Often resting HR was mid-high 40’s while sitting at my desk in the middle of the day (and I am not a world class athlete). My suspicion was very low HR at night would cause adrenaline to kick in, sending me into afib. So stopped the coreg.

I’ve tried to keep my electrolytes in check. Eat a ketochow shack one meal day (approximately 1/3 RDS for K and Mg). Bouillon cube (38% RDS sodium) and 1/4tsp NoSalt (18% RDA). (I’ve stopped the Lisinopril and Coreg). Also use 1.5 scoops of a keto electrolyte mix where each scoop is 35% RDS for Mg. That plus my diet should put me at RDA levels for electrolytes. Except regular table salt…

Blood tests always show serum electrolytes in normal range.

Often I can correct the AFIB a few minutes after a class of NoSalt. Not last night. Was feeling restless legs so put in some liquid Dr Deans Mg. Let’s just say that was a mistake. Several trips to the toilet.

Went to bed; normal HR; felt what I think was a few dbl heart beats (a precursor to afib) then heard a mechanical noise that startled me (adrenaline) and was in full afib. Lasted all night. With several visits to the toilet. Neither a bouillon cube, 1/4tsp table salt nor NoSalt cleared it up this time.

Had it when I awoke this morning. Had a tube of Nuun Electrolyte tablets; drank one of those and afib was gone in a few minutes.

I know I have to get much better with managing my electrolytes. I’ll probably go back on the Coreg at 1/2 pill/night (so 25% of my old dose, but I never ever seem to need it in the day).

Any suggestions for somebody with what seems to be electrolyte-induced afib on keto?

Thinking of going to Whole Foods and getting some find ground Himalayan Pink Salt and German bottled water.